Mid Life Crisis Slots

Mid Life Crisis Slots: A Funny Look At Reality

While many men may seem to go through a mid life crisis, taking an humorous look at all the toys and things that symbolize this time of life is a great way to laugh at ourselves. Mid-Life Crisis slots pokes gentle humor at the good things in life that include motorcycles, sports cars, hot tubs and of course the blonde, brunette and redhead of your dreams. Add to this fun theme the option of some great bonus rounds and jackpots and you have a slot machine worth playing.

Not A Crisis To Play

If you are stressing out over a mid-life crisis then you will enjoy the simplicity of playing Mid Life Crisis Slots. While you do have some choices they are simple, as the coin value is set at $0.25, but you can choose the number of lines you want to play. This is a five reel nine payline slot so you won't have to worry about confusing combination on the paylines. Playing five coins per line, which is maximum bet, will ensure that you can collect the major jackpot should you happen to see the right combinations of symbols on the reels.

Symbols of Aging

The details to the symbols on the reels is outstanding. You will see all those mid-life crisis icons from the flashy sports car through to the huge medallion, the toupee and even the slightly balding older guy. Motorcycles, hot tubs, parachutes, a yacht and a big wad of cash will fill out the symbols you will see on the reels. You will also see a bottle of little blue pills which are definitely part of the whole mid-life crisis.

Special Features And Games

If you are lucky enough to see five red sports cars on the reels and are playing maximum bet you hit the progressive jackpot which includes winning a real $100,000 sports car. You may also opt for the cash; it is entirely up to you. If you happen to see the middle aged man, the gold medallion and the toupee all at the same time on the reels and you can earn an additional 350 credits. Since this will be affected by your wager amount, it is also another reason to wager maximum bet. Seeing three of the lovely ladies on the reels allows you to go into the Pick Your Poison bonus round. In this game you can either choose an adventure or a youth tonic, both will offer you prizes of bonus credits after you make your selection. Even if you are too young to be going through this crazy time, playing Mid Life Crisis is a humorous look at getting older. This RTG game is fun to play and offers some great winning possibilities so give it a try next time you are online.