Frog Hunter

Casino players looking for an exciting new game won’t want to miss Frog Hunter Slots. This slot has 5 reels and only 5 paylines, but it’s far from simple. Gamblers who enjoy vivid, rich graphics, entertaining bonuses, and fantastic prizes won’t want to miss the fun in Frog Hunter Slots. Learn more right here, or register today for your chance to spin the reels.

Wager Coins to Win Cash

Although online casino gamers can try Frog Hunter Slots for free, those who want to win real cash will need to make a bet on the game. Players can choose from coin sizes like $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and $1.00 in Frog Hunter Slots; up to 5 coins per spin may be wagered in the game, for a per-spin maximum of $5.00. Place your bets and win cash in Frog Hunter Slots today!

Stunning Graphics on the Reels

Players will feel like they have stepped into a tropical paradise when the see gorgeous graphics in Frog Hunter Slots. Look for icons that depict the Male and Female Frogs, Alligators, Fruit Flies, Cherries, Lemons, Grapes, and Watermelons. The characters are incredibly lovable and the fruit icons look good enough to eat. Players will also be pleased by the game’s sound effects; the chirping is reminiscent of a night spend by a campfire.

Bountiful Bonuses in Frog Hunter Slots

Frog Hunter Slots offers players the chance to enjoy two different bonus rounds, called the Dragonfly Bonus and the Water Lily Bonus. Learn more about both below.

  • Whenever a Dragon Fly appears to the right of a Male Frog or to the left of a Female Frog, players will be awarded with 10, 15, or 25 credits; the bonus feature even offers gamblers a chance to double or triple their prize. You definitely will not want to miss your chance to play the Dragon Fly Bonus.
  • The Water Lily Bonus is triggered when players manage to spin at least 3 Water Lilies on adjacent reels. Once triggered, the player will be transported to a second screen where they will have to attempt to cross the river to reach the lovely Female Frog. Each time your Frog moves successfully from one Lily to the next, you will be awarded a prize. Jump on the Water Lily that’s hiding the alligator and your Frog will be devoured along with your prize money. Don’t miss your opportunity to play the Water Lily Bonus; spin the reels in Frog Hunter Slots today.

Spin the Reels in Frog Hunter Slots Today

Online casino gamblers definitely won’t want to miss the spectacular graphics, entertaining bonuses, and unbelievable prizes in Frog Hunter Slots. For your chance to play the game and win real cash, register, deposit, and the spin the reels today; you will be very glad that you did!