UK Casino Club Mobile

UK Casino Club
This is a love or hate casino designed for mobile and desktop with one interesting promo that all slot lovers (or not) should consider, a $25,000 ruffle that will take place in January of 2016 just by subscribing to their newsletter. No need to open an account or deposit funds, just open their promos on your email as they come and next year you might find yourself with a new car without risking anything. Another very cool thing is the games they promote under Microgaming, Great Galaxy Grab is just the next generation of mobile slot games enthusiast by allowing players to advance in an adventure style theme were a spaceship just keeps moving from station to station with new features.

The bummer comes in the match-up deposit bonuses that seem a little short compared to competition offers and their betting requirements are a little high. A very big bummer is their website design that looks outdated, there is this English dude on the main page that encourages you to take the promos and then he just stays there fixing his suit. If he had explored his nose, slipped or answered the phone it would´ve been a crack in the bone to watch.

Based in Cyprus and aimed to English public this mobile friendly casino is owned by Buex Enterprises from Cyprus and licensed under the terms of the Kahn awake Gaming Commission, Canada.

Mobile Friendly

It’s named UK Casino Mobile for a reason, all features are fully optimized for mobile screens and device capabilities. iOS, Android smart phones and tablets can access the casino and it is easy to move around the menus, just tap the right top button to display them.

Platform and Games

UK Casino offers 500 mobile friendly games when most online casinos only offer around 120. From these 500 you can find 3 award winning slot games: The Great Galaxy Grab, Fortune Finder and My Slot. To play the games from your mobile device you can simply log on the webpage and access the instant flash casino, but this option is limited in games and will not access the bank. For a full player experience download the mobile friendly platform to your mobile device or desktop and play from there.

Great Galaxy Grab

A 5 reel, 25 payline slot space pirate adventure in full 3D graphics and Hollywood style effects, and to be perfectly honest this is as close to a video game that a slot game is ever gonna get. The reel is there but as you progress your pirate spaceship advances through an interstellar landscape of alien restaurants, gas pumps, jackpot centers and all kinds of galactic themes. Definitely one of the most enjoyable ways of make money at the slots with more than $109,000 in free spins and $11,000 in bonus rounds. The coolest feature of all is that you can come back another day and the slot adventure will remain were you left.

Fortune Finder

This is a classic slot game without the 3D and video game style of Great Galaxy Grab. 5 reels with a whopping 30 payline the gold mine themed slot game stands out for allowing players to select their preferred symbol to be the Wild. Bonus features can be triggered without having to input the max bet and you could win from $2,400 to $60,000. Simple, classic and easy to win.

My Slot – The customizable slot machine

My Slot was the craze back in 2008 when it was released and I bet that if you haven´t tried it out yet you will out of sheer curiosity. My Slot might look like your everyday slot machine, and in essence it is if it weren´t by the possibility of changing the symbols for photos of your own. Yes, you can make the Wild be your dog or the scatter your mother in law, save the theme and make money with all the family members. You can also customize the sound effects by uploading your favorite songs of sounds. Aside from its customizable design features My Slot is a 9 payline with a free spin bonus feature.

Another featured slot games are Mega Moolah that pays out a $1 Million jackpot or more. More progressive jackpots can be seen on the games section lower side. Watch live as the jackpots increase in value.

Bonuses and Promotions

Aside from an amazing $25,000 giveaway there are not much promos offered other than first time deposit match-up bonuses although they do send out gift cards from time to time. The main promotion is a multiple first deposit bonus of 5 first deposits that can sum a total of $700 dollars in free money. This is not much of an offer compared to other casinos, considering it takes 5 deposits just for $700 in bonuses, this is how its lay out:

  • First Deposit – Up to $100 for a 100% match bonus.
  • Second Deposit – Up to $100 for a 25% match bonus.
  • Third Deposit – Up to $200 for a 10% match bonus.
  • Fourth Deposit – Up to $200 for a 25% match bonus.
  • Fifth Deposit – Up to $100 for a 110% match bonus.

It really makes no sense to give out such a low third deposit, by this point some players might choose to abandon the casino and go to a better offer elsewhere.

The $25,000 Giveaway Promo

This promo is like nothing we have seen on some other casino and just by it this is a definite option to consider subscribing on to UK Casino Mobile. That´s it, no need to make a deposit of perform any wager, just by subscribing to the promotional $25K mailing list you are automatically eligible to win $25,000 in January 2016.

Betting Requirements

As with all online casinos you must comply with their TOS or set of conditions before thinking of withdrawing any winnings out of the bonuses. The minimum betting requirement after accepting a bonus is of 30x, 5 times higher than the average requirement from most online casinos but pretty much inside what’s normal. Also take in mind that not all games in the casino count the same way when fulfilling the betting requirements, as in the table games you will have to bet more and “All Aces Video Poker” will not even count inside these conditions.

To make things easy here is an example: If you take the $100 first deposit bonus you will need to wager $3,000 on slots that are 100% in accordance with betting requirements. If say you wagered that bonus on 50% requirement games then you need to wager $6,000. By not accepting any bonus no requirements will apply to your account. Also take note that while the minimum deposit is off $10 the minimum withdrawal is of $50.

Support and Contact

UK Casino offers support 365 days a year day and night via their live chat, email or phone numbers. There is a FAQ area for typical questions about withdrawals, deposits and bonus issues but is also nice that they offer various international phone numbers to call too, mostly European countries. All of these numbers apply fees so it is better to first try the live chat or email them with a phone call request to your home, that is free of charge.

Banking Options

The bank is only accessible through the downloadable version of the casino so getting the software is a must. Deposit times are fast, you can begin playing with real money 10 minutes from now just by registering from your mobile phone and downloading the app.

Deposit Options

The minimum deposit is of $10 and does not require account verification to start playing. You will find all the popular methods, such as credit cards (Visa, MC), Skrill, Ewallets, and more…

Withdrawal Options

The minimum withdrawal is of $50 and takes up to 2 business day to be processed. Make sure to verify your account before attempting to withdraw with proper documentation like ID and a service bill of any kind with your address and name on it. Same as above, you will find the popular methods like ewallets, wire transfer and more…