Bonkers Slots

You don't need games to have lots of reels or paylines to produce a superb gaming experience. Bonkers Slots is a classic example of how true this is. Check out the wonderful features that go to make up this superb game and then give it a try to unlock some prizes!

How many reels and paylines are there?

This is a straightforward single payline and three reel set up, so you'll instantly be familiar with how it works. It looks just like a classic one armed bandit game.

What are the maximum and minimum bet amounts?

You can play anything from five cents to five dollars on this game, so you can see that whatever budget you might have to work with, you'll be able to play one line at a time quite happily indeed. Whatever bet amount you choose you can also multiply it by up to three coins on the line per spin.

Are there any special symbols?

You don't get any wild or scatter symbols on the Bonkers Slots game, but as you might expect there is a Bonkers symbol to watch out for. Get two or three of these Bonkers symbols (it appears as a word in yellow) and you'll unlock the opportunity to play with some free spins for a while! You might grab three or ten spins depending on whether you get two or three Bonkers symbols.

Are there any bonus rounds?

As this is a simple one armed bandit game you won't see any bonus rounds in play here. But there is enough to keep you entertained at all times, so you probably won't even notice there aren't any! Bonkers Slots certainly makes up for the fact that it doesn't include bonus rounds for you to play here.

Download and play the Bonkers Slots today!

Some people like to get started on the slots games with something straightforward that doesn't have too many lines or reels to get to grips with. If this sounds like you, check out Bonkers Slots today. With free spins to try for and the opportunity to go for a progressive jackpot if you play the full three coins on your payline each time, you might just unlock the biggest prize of all. Download the Bonkers Slots game today and play it to see if you'll be the next big winner!