Wall Street Fever Slots

That famous business district in New York City and Wall Street runs from Broadway right through to South Street, Wall Street is also home to the busiest financial institution The New York Stock Exchange, this institution is a hive of activity and certainly the hub of all that encompasses finance in the United States of America. The graphics of Wall Street Fever depict this hive of activity in the incredible graphics on the reels.

Do you wish to invest?

One can look at playing slots as an investment of sorts, one places money on a chance that you would reap rewards; in order to play you need to wager some coins that will set the reels spinning. The game has five reels and only five paylines with a fixed bet of $/£/€/R 0.10 apart from these major currencies there are a variety of other currencies that can be played on this game. The max bet is .50c and to win the progressive jackpot you must have bet the maximum coins.

Paylines not bet on don’t pay

When visiting Wall Street you must make sure you have your mobile phone, briefcase, wads of dollar bills, you will also find on the desks of every trader ringing phones, and that symbol of money called the dollar sign, each of these symbols have a range of payouts that can be won, check the paytable so you know what to look out for.

That famous street…

So many people dream of big money, and wall street symbolizes the opportunity to make it big, without going too wild the Wall Street Fever symbol does a sleight of hand by attaching itself to other symbols to create a winning combination, and true to financial wizardry your winnings will appear in your account, although the Wall Street Fever symbol does that substituting act for the other symbols it will not substitute to trigger the bonus game or the free spin game.

Going Stock Trading

To enter the stock trading bonus game you need to get three Zigzag symbols but they must appears on the second, third and fourth reels for it to activate, you will then be taken to a second screen for you to select a stock folder from a choice of six, you will them be moved to the trading floor to watch your stock portfolio perform on the stock market. Your winnings depend entirely on how well your portfolio performs.

The other bonus game is triggered by the stock ticker symbol when three or more appear anywhere on the reels, and here is the surprising part, even if they appear on lines that are not activated the stock ticker symbol is recognized. Depending on the number of stock ticker symbols will determine how many free spins you will receive if you get three of the stock ticker symbols on the reels you will get five free spins, one additional one will increase the spins to 15 free spins and getting all five stock ticker symbols and you are rewarded a whopping fifty spins! The free spins are very generous because if you get three or more stock sticker symbols during the free spin round you will be awarded with a further 5, 15 or 50 symbols deepening on how many you get. An additional bonus is if the bonus round is triggered in the free spin, you have further chanced to get even more wins.

Progressing to the jackpot

To qualify for the progressive jackpot you need to have bet max, in addition there is an additional bonus for betting max. When you spin five symbols that match on any payline and you’ve bet max then you get an extra 20% as a bonus over and above your winnings. Should you hit the jackpot you could really make it big, the highest recorded win was just a bit over $310,000 but the average payout seems to be about $80,000 wish is still pretty impressive, the smallest possible win is $1,500 which is where the progressive jackpot starts building each time it is won. You never know when you going it win so watch out for it.

Playing Wall Street fever slots give you so many chances of winning, with bonus games, free spins, and tons of fun with the guys at Wall Street, download today and start playing.