VR Casino Slots

Virtual reality casinos, or VR casinos for short, are casinos where you're drawn into a realistic experience. Through the use of a 3-D environment, you enter the casino and move around, look left and right, and become part of the setting.

What Should You Expect From a Virtual Reality Casino?

VR casinos pull you into a casino from the comfort of your home. You get the experience without the crowds or commute. Technology is continuing to advance, so games are added regularly. As casinos adapt to the newer technology, you'll find new games being added and improvements to the overall feel of each VR casino.

For now, some casinos focus on poker while others lean towards slots. You may find yourself frequenting one or spending equal amounts of time at each casino offering virtual reality games.

How Do You Play at a VR Casino?

You need to meet the virtual reality casino's technical requirements. You need a VR headset. Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR are top picks. You also need a controller or data glove so that you can access the menus and make your choices on what games to play.

Casinos also require specific amounts of RAM, software (Windows 7 or higher), a powerful CPU, and a graphics card that's capable of high-quality gaming graphics. If your computer meets the specifications, you enter the casino and sign-up. Download the appropriate free casino software that matches your VR device. You need to create an avatar before you play. Once you've completed those steps, you head to the cashier and make your deposit.

Some casinos place restrictions on who can sign up to play. If you're from a country that's not allowed, keep checking back as casinos are constantly changing.

The Pros and Cons Between Online Casinos and VR Casinos

Online casinos offer a great range of games, generous promotions, and ease of use. You can play online, download free software, or even play on your mobile device. VR casinos do limit you to an extent as you'll play while using a VR device and controller. Most players are playing from their home.

Virtual reality casinos do a better job of bringing you into the experience. You're not just staring at a screen. You're moving around, seeing other players in the virtual world, and getting more involved in the action surrounding you. You still access promotional offers, too.

What Else Should Casino Players Know?

You can play in a VR casino without the virtual reality headset and controller, but your experience will not be the same. It will be similar to playing a 3D casino game. You lose a lot of the experience, so it's ideal to buy the VR equipment before you play.

You can interact with other VR players. You do need to monitor your behavior. It's easy to let emotions show, especially after a bad loss, but players are expected to follow casino rules and avoid insulting or threatening others. If you can't, you can get banned.

VR casinos don't allow other players to see your screen. There's no way for players to infringe upon your privacy. That said, it's up to you to make sure you're not sharing personal details that could give away your identity or personal information.

Our Picks for the Best Virtual Reality Casino Games

Here are the things we look at when judging VR casino games. We look at how easy the game is to play. How much can you win? What is the game like when it comes to interacting with other players or the game itself. Using those criteria, here are some of our favorite VR casino games.

Two of the Best 3D Slots

3D slots wow players with vivid graphics. These realistic graphics draw your attention to the screen and hold you mesmerized. They often have a range of bonus features that add excitement. Plus, the prizes are often far more rewarding. In a VR setting, the symbols come to life before your eyes. They often seem so close that you could reach out and touch them.

Jungle Books slots offers a constantly changing experience. Join Mowgli and his friends as they spin reels and trigger special features. There are 45 features in all that change regularly depending on which characters are on the screen. For example, Mowgli makes it so that two reels always sync up. He also throws a wild that replicates itself once or twice when it appears. Shere Khan adds stacked wilds and sticky wild respins.

Steam Tower slots is delightful for a few reasons. The top prize of 300,000 credits is certainly at the top of the list. However, part of the game involves a trip up the steam tower to win cash. If you're scared of heights, this spectacular trip keeps you on the edge of your seat. On the top floor of the tower, enjoy a prize worth 1,000 times your bet level and coin value.

Our Top Pick for VR Table Games

Roulette is a favorite VR table game. Watch the roulette wheel spin, see the ball fly around and come to a stop. You'll interact with the dealer, get caught up in the action, and hope you have the winning bet. It's a step above live dealer games because the VR goggles make you feel like you're right there and not looking at a screen.

Our Top Pick for VR Poker Games

Texas Hold'em Poker took the world by storm several years ago. Its popularity hasn't dwindled. In this game, you get dealt your cards and other cards go face up on the table. Using those cards with the cards you have in your hand, you bet against other players as new cards go down onto the table forming what you hope to be is the winning hand. If it's not, you hope you can bluff your way to a win.

In a VR casino, your opponents' moves and reactions are visible. You can use those cues to decide if the other players are trying to bluff or giving away a tell that they have a really good hand.

What Are the Best Virtual Reality Casinos?

Right now, Casino VR and Slots Million are the two best VR casinos out there. These casinos allow you to play your favorite games. If you love poker, head to Casino VR. If slots are your thing, don't miss Slots Million. We have a quick breakdown of what to expect at each.

Casino VR – The Best VR Casino for Online Poker

With a Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, or Samsung Gear VR, you'll get drawn into Casino VR. This casino focuses on poker. Sit down with others from around the world and play your favorite online poker games in a virtual reality setting. You can socialize, watch your opponents for tells, or join tournaments and try for the big prizes.

Download the casino in your preferred VR format. Once you have done that, you get free chips to start off. As you play, you'll win chips. You're also given ample opportunities to buy more if needed.

Slots Million – The Best VR Casino for Slots

Slots Million is a leader in the virtual reality casino experience. Walk through the doors. Look at the video slot machines as you walk past the casino bar and into the lounge. Walk right up to a game and have it surround you. Choose from more than 1,900 video casino games including Starburst slots.

Before you play, check out promotions. There are Gentlemen's Nights with a bonus worth $100 on each deposit. There are Ladies' Nights with the same perks. Get free spins at random after you sign-up at Slots Million. Get special bonuses when you play during the Friday Happy Hour or when you play during normal lunch hours. (11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

Get ready for the ultimate experience. Grab your VR equipment and head online to play your favorite casino games. Sign up at Slots Million or Casino VR in minutes and start playing.