Voila Video Slots

Even the name makes you think of France, doesn’t it? And if that is the case you won’t be disappointed in playing Voila Video Slots, since this is a fantastic game that is nicely done and very welcoming to play. You can download and play it now from Betway Casino , so why not give it a try?

How many reels and paylines are there?

This Paris themed game has five reels and an incredible 243 paylines to get to grips with.

What kinds of symbols are on offer during the game?

Think of Paris and you will probably be able to think of some of the symbols you will see here. There is a romantic symbol with a man and a woman enjoying a stolen moment, but many of the symbols involve food of some kind.

Watch out for snails, fine French desserts and other similar symbols as well. The wild symbol is the logo for Voila itself, while you can also look out for a scatter symbol which is a Bonus logo. These are very easy to spot.

How much can you bet on the game?

Your coin size will be anything between one cent and twenty cents, so there is plenty of room for sticking to your budget here, no matter what it might be.

You can also put on twenty coins per bet if you wish. Because there are so many different paylines the betting works slightly differently to the way it would work if you had just twenty or twenty five paylines here.

Are there any bonus games during Voila?

Well there is something a little bit special here which will appeal to your gambling nature.

You get a choice every time you win an amount. You can take it if you wish, or alternatively you can use it as a stake in the gamble game. If you stake your money you give yourself the chance to either double or even quadruple your winnings.

To do so you will have to correctly predict the color or suit of the card you will be shown on screen. If you get it wrong you lose the lot, otherwise you can win either double the amount you bet or four times as much. Needless to say this would bring home more money in the Voila Slots game than you may have won otherwise.