Viking Age Slots

Join Amma the Viking, and her two companions Erik and Elgrimm as they explore strange lands in search of fantastic winnings!

Another winner from the computer programming wizardry of BetSoft, Viking Age is a 5 reel, 30 payline standard 3D slot that looks like a cross between Beowulf and some ancient ice village of the Norse god Thor. This 3D game really sizzles to the eyes, with a beautiful red-haired Nordic maiden serving as your hostess to a large, elaborate wooden set of reels. Set in a sunny forested landing, Viking Age slots has a Scatter symbol and Free Spins – but no Wild or Multiplier symbols. You won’t miss them on this romp with the mighty warriors from the icy regions, as they seek to extend their home range and dredge up some lost treasures while they’re at it.

Viking Age Details

Your lovely – in a rugged, buxom sort of way – hostess is Amma, and her two mighty and well-versed battle- chauffeurs are Elgrimm and Erik. The visuals really are worth mentioning twice; Viking age is really something to behold and would fare fantastically on the big screen for the animations alone. The symbols that determine the fate of your pockets are yellow-haired Erik, the fiery Elgrimm, a great axe, a tomb for burial, the helm of a Viking ship, a warrior’s helmet, an idol of a fearsome dragon and Amma the lovely and adventurous maiden, herself.

As Viking Age Slots progresses, it quickly becomes clear that the prancing Amma runs the show, even though all the special features revolve around her personal warrior Vikings. In keeping with her role as cheerleader and coordinator, three Amma symbols on the reels nets you the much sought after Multiplier Free Spins, which does a pretty good job in making up for the lack of a wild symbol in Viking Age slots. Land some of these, and you could be well on your way to the generous $7500 jackpot!

Viking Age Slots Special Features

The Viking warrior helmet symbols will produce the great Rune Stones, which the All-Father god Odin searched for in Norse mythology. In Viking Age Slots, it takes at least three warrior helmets to trigger the Rune Stone Bonus, which arrives bearing gifts for Amma to reveal behind each Rune. Another combination of Viking symbols opens up the novel Arm Wrestling Bonus Round, which is a bit involved – but no less fun! It’s the purest form of chance and hope as you flip a coin to decide which Viking you think will win, and claim the prize associated with that fateful choice. Make no mistake, Viking Age Slots is not just a pretty face with this highest level of 3D graphics, it’s also among the best that online casino gaming has to offer.