US Blackjack

At last! An online casino that gives as much love and attention to the game of blackjack that it really does deserve. For those casino lovers out there that enjoy throwing a few cards around against the dealer then US Blackjack is a must play place for you. Blackjack is one of the US players favorite games and can be played in many casinos however here you get many variations of the game with detailed information on each one so you know exactly where you stand against the dreaded dealer.

Blackjack Games on Offer

The first and probably the most popular, Standard Blackjack. This is played by Vegas rules, the dealer has one card face up, you get two face up. You can double on any two cards and two of the same cards allows you to split. It can be a very fast game and played correctly, along with a bit of luck can pay you well. Perfect Pairs has the same rules as standard blackjack, with the only difference being you are able to make a side bet before the cards are dealt, on whether or not you will see the perfect pairs. Getting the perfect pair will pay you odds of 30/1, one red, one black but the same number will give you 5/1 and the same number and color gives you a 10/1 win. European blackjack is slightly different in that all players are dealt their cards before the dealer takes his or her second. It's popular in many casinos and it really does put the pressure on the player to the right of the dealer, as essentially they have a say in what the dealers cards could be. Face Up 21 is a super fast game to play. Both yours' and the dealers cards are dealt face up meaning you can see exactly what the dealer has and if the dealer has 17 or more they have to stick and you are automatically hit until you either win or bust! Match Play 21 is a strange variation of the game where all number 10 cards are taken from the pack. There are a number of special hands with different pay outs, and you get the chance to surrender your hand and lose half of your bet. Other variations that can be found at US Blackjack are Pontoon where both the dealers cards are face down and Super 21 in which the main differences are that Blackjack pays out at evens and you have the chance to surrender your cards. All in all that's some blackjack offering!

Other Games!

US Blackjack offers much more than all of those great variations, as here you will find enough slots to keep everyone happy, as well as all of the usual table games you would be used to seeing at an online casino. They also have great promotions, a sweet welcome bonus and great support. Download and play US Blackjack today!