True Illusions Slots

In the world of magic, nothing is what it seems. You keep telling yourself it's only a trick, but is it? There can only one explanation... it's MAGIC! The higher the risk, the more entertaining the show. Join our fearless magician and his beautiful assistant in TRUE ILLUSIONS, where you'll find that the winnings are more real than you can imagine.

One of the criteria I use in choosing best paying slots is the number and types of bonus features. Needless to say, this led me to True Illusions Slots, a 3D slot that is as entertaining as all get out. Having never been to a magic show, True Illusions provides a sneak preview, if you will, into what goes on at these types of shows. More importantly, and for my purposes in selecting a great slot game, True Illusions has something most other slot games do not have - cascading reels. As you play this terrific slot game, you will find that getting three magicians will afford you 5 free spins. What is so remarkable about this particular feature is that although the free spins are minimal compared to other slots, it is what happens when the feature begins. Each time you get three or more like symbols, the reels cascade down. And when they cascade down, if there are three like symbols, it cascades down again. Thus, the 5 free spins can actually turn into 10 free spins or more. True Illusions Slots is a lucrative one based on this one bonus feature, and whether you play for the minimum of 2 cents per spin (as I did) or 50 cents per spin (which I worked up to), you will enjoy this game immensely because it is one of the best paying slots in 3D. I highly recommend you play True Illusions Slots at our recommended casino.