The Dark Knight Rises Video Slot

If there was one slot game that the people have waited for with intensity it sure is Dark Knight Rises and to no surprise really since Batman was so well liked. You can tell when you play that the game on August 30th that it has a real quality to it. If you recall the film, you remember the characters and these will once again come to life in this slot game. Miranda Tate, John Blake and Commissioner Gordon, Batman, and Bane are all there as not to disappoint. Besides all that, this is a five reel and 243 ways to win video slot game and its newness only adds to the various features that make the game so lucrative. Features like expanding wilds, split wilds, a new symbol scramble, Free Spins Accumulator, also new, and free spins, plus so much more.

Here’s a quick recap of the fancy features you can look forward to, expanding wilds fill up the entire reel and generate even more winning combinations. The split wilds cut the wild symbol in half and can very well lead to a six fold win. The symbol scramble comes into play when you have not won anything. It will scramble all of the symbols on the screen to create a win for you.

Likely the most popular feature is the Free Spins Accumulator AKA the random prize generator. It will show up as either Batman or the Joker. Batman must deal with Bane in a fight. On any spin where you do not win, a fight will break out and you get the free spins and multipliers. There is also a free spin feature that is triggered by getting three or more scatter symbols. Then, you choose, do you want to be Batman or Bane? Both are hot and offer steamy prizes plus ten free spins.