Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots caters to the classic slot fan and bonus slot fan alike. You have three reels and one pay line. However, the game itself has so many special features that it's as good as a bonus slot. You have multipliers of up to 25x and payouts of as much as 15,000.

How Much Can You Win?

The amount you stand to win depends on what you're willing to risk. You choose one, two, or three credits. Three credits is best. If you bet one credit, your top prize is 2 to 5,000 coins. Two credits bring you to 4 to 10,000 coins. Cherries are the lowest paying symbol. From there, you have a bar, a dollar sign, a bell, and a 7.

If you risk all three credits, which is advised, you win 4 to 15,000 coins. It also opens the door to the Wild Turkey Hunting game. One bonus symbol on the third reel triggers this game.

How Do Wild Multipliers Work?

In the game, there are 2x wild and 5x Turkey Shoot symbols. They're wilds and can help other symbols for wins.

Anytime a winning combination includes a 2x, you get twice the cash. If you get a Turkey Shoot logo, your reward is multiplied by 5. Two 2x symbols on the winning pay line quadruple your prize. Two Turkey Shoot symbols give you a multiplier of 25x. Finally, you get 10x with a combination of the 2x wild and Turkey Shoot symbol.

Breaking this down, if you had two 7s and a 2x symbol, you'd win 240 coins instead of 120. Two 7s and a Turkey Shoot symbol increases your prize to 600 coins. Two 2x wilds with the 7 symbol lands you a prize of 480x. Two Turkey Shoots and a 7 gets you 3,000x. If you get a 7, a 2x wild, and a Turkey shoot symbol, you'll win 1,200 coins. It's a great way to boost your winnings with little effort.

The Wild Turkey Shoot Bonus

You've got the bonus on the third reel. Now you get to go hunting. Shoot turkeys and win cash. It's a simple, rewarding bonus game.

You could be the next winner. Play Turkey Shoot slots and set your sights on the big prize.