Triple Triple Gold Slots

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Triple Triple Gold Slots
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Here's a classic video slot where even the highest possible bet is relatively meager. Bets start at a penny, and you can wager one, two, or three credits on the pay line. Go for the highest possible bet and not spend more than $30 per spin. You may wonder if there's a reason to bet all three credits. You really want to as that's the key to the highest prizes.

Win as Much as 15,000 Coins

Payouts on a one-credit wager start at 2 coins for a single cherry. Get a mix of three bars and win 5 coins. As you work your way up this paytable, you can win 10x for single bars, 20x for double bars, and 40x for triple bars. The 7s pay 60x and are the second best prize. If you get three logos, you win the top prize of 5,000 coins.

On a two-credit bet, all of the previous prizes double. You'll get 4x for a cherry, 40x for double bars, and a whopping 10,000 coins for three logos. The triple-credit bet is the best of all. You get paid 6 to 30 coins for cherries, 60 to 120 coins for bars, and 180 coins for 7s. If you get three logos, you'll win the highest possible prize of 15,000.

The Logo Increases Prizes by 9 or 81x

The Triple Triple Gold logo is the wild symbol. When it helps form a winning combination, your prize is multiplied by nine. What does this mean for you? Take the 60 coins you win with a trio of double bars. If you get two double bars and one wild, you'd win 540 coins instead of 60!

That's good but this is even better. Get two logos and a double bar and you win a multiplier of 81. That 60-coin prize becomes a jaw-dropping payout of 4,860 coins. The 7s offer the second highest payout. Multiply that by 81 and you'll win 14,580 coins.

While the gameplay is simple, the amount you stand to win makes this game a favorite of many players. Find Triple Triple Gold at today's hottest casinos. Bet three credits and start winning today.


Type3-reel, classic
ThemeClassic Slot Symbols
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.10, $0.50, $1.00, $10.00, $25.00, $5.00
Max Bet$30
SymbolsBars, Cherries, Sevens, Triple Triple Gold Logo
SoftwareWager Gaming Technology
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