King Tut's Treasure Slots

King Tut's Treasure slots has just three reels and a top prize of 2,000 coins. The game is easy to play. Set your coin value and bet one, two, or three credits on the center pay line. Click spin and get started. There is a stop button too, so you can try to stop symbols in the right pattern for big wins.

King Tut is Wild

In King Tut's Treasure slots, King Tut is wild. He doubles any prizes when he helps form the winning combination. By himself, he pays 500 coins on a single credit bet, 1,000 on a two credit bet, and 2,000 on a three credit bet. Pyramids are the second best symbol paying 100, 200, and 300 coins.

You can win a maximum of 150 coins with the Sphinx, 75 coins with the Eye of Horus, 30 coins with an oasis, and 24 coins with the scarab. The Ankh is worth up to 12 coins. The camel is worth the least at 2, 4, or 6 coins.

Auto Play Lets the Computer Take Over

If you don't feel like hitting "spin" over and over, turn on autoplay. The feature is easy to turn on and off. Use autoplay to go hands-free while talking on the phone or stretching.

King Tut's Treasure slots isn't filled with frills and bonuses, but the rewards are pretty high considering the low coin values. Play King's Tut today and set your sights on the 2,000 coin prize.