Holiday Feast Slots

Holiday Feast slots is a Thanksgiving-themed three-reel slot. This game has a bit of a surprise in store. Get the turkey and win a trip to a bonus game. Here's what you'll find when you play this video slot.

Payouts Are Best When You Bet All Three Credits

It's ideal to skip the one and two-credit wagers and go right for a three-credit wager. Payouts with a one-credit bet start with 2 coins for a slice of pumpkin pie. Fill the line with three pieces of pie and your prize increases to 10 coins. Bars range in value from 5 to 40 coins. Autumn leaves are worth 80, while the Pilgrim's hat is worth the most at 800 coins.

If you wager two credits, you double those prizes. Pie slices are now worth 4 to 20 coins. Bars pay 10 to 80 coins. The leaves pay 160, while the hat is worth the most at 1,600.

There's a reason you need to select all three credits. You can win up to 2,400 coins with the hat. You also qualify for the bonus game. On the third reel, there's a turkey symbol that leads to an interactive game where you win cash.

The hat is also a wild symbol. It doubles your prize when one hat helps form a winning pay line. If two hats help form the win, your prize is quadrupled.

The Holiday Feast Bonus Feature

If you do get the turkey symbol in the center of the third reel, you're shown a selection of turkeys. Pick one and win cash. It's easy and incredibly rewarding.

Coin values in this Thanksgiving slot game range from 10 cents to $10. This makes it possible to win up to $24,000. Find Holiday Feast slots at leading casinos and see if you'll be the next lucky player to win thousands.