Pond of Koi Slots

Isn’t it great when you find a new slot game to play? That’s the case here today, because we have found a superb new game called Pond of Koi. As you might imagine, this relates to a game based on koi, a Japanese fish that might just bring you some luck…

Let’s talk reels and paylines

You have four reels here, but there are no paylines. Instead, you have to try and get a minimum of five of the same koi on the reels to win a prize.

What could you bet on this game?

You can start with a 20-cent bet per game. You also have a number of other choices, going up as far as $200 per spin.

Does Pond of Koi have any special symbols in action?

There isn’t a wild here, or a scatter or a bonus symbol. Instead, you have seven types of koi. The idea is to get at least five of these (six in the case of the two most valuable ones) to win a prize. You can access the paytable to see how it works and to see a grid that shows you each fish and the prizes available for getting a certain number of fish in one spin.

Is there a bonus feature to play?

There is, and it is a free spins feature. Here’s how it works. On the left side of the reels, you get a meter. This says ‘5 MORE’ when you start the game. If you don’t win with a single spin, it drops to ‘4 MORE’, and so on.

If you win a prize before the meter fills up, the meter resets to ‘5 MORE’. If you don’t, you enter the free spins feature. This means you will get as many free spins as it takes to win a prize. You then return to the main game.

Download and play Pond of Koi now!

This is a very different sort of game, and it might well attract the attention of people looking for something different. The idea of free spins has been given a whole different spin here, and we like it.

The one downside is that you may get bored with it after a while, but that obviously depends on the individual player. The good thing is you don’t need to get five or more symbols adjacent to each other to win a prize. They can appear anywhere!