Snowmania Slots

Many players see the winter as a time of cold temperatures and hazardous driving conditions; it is also a great time of the year to play online slots from the warmth of their own homes. Because game developers know that many people like to avoid the cold, nasty weather, they release new slot offerings for the months spent indoors. A slot title with a winter theme is much warmer than the actual winter weather, and games like Snowmania Slots are a great way to enjoy the season inside with a hot cup of cocoa full of marshmallows.

The Weather Outside is Frightful but the Game is so delightful

The 5-reel, 20-payline slot features snow framed symbols that do not spin like traditional slot game symbols but instead drop from the top, cascade-style. These tiled icons fall through the bottom of the screen and are replaced by more falling from the top, perfectly mimicking snowflakes. The symbols represent the theme of the title with bells, stockings, Santa hats and Gingerbread men. The Ice Wild symbol can be used to replace any of the other icons and also awards prize multipliers. A free spins bonus round and a potentially rich jackpot give players many reasons to stay in for the winter festivities.

Look Forward to Even More Games this Winter Season

Two more slot games will be releasing in the coming months and also offer the chance at some amazing amounts of cash prizes. Sweet 16 is based on the traditional Sweet 16 birthday party that parents traditionally throw for their teenage daughters; of course, gamblers may find other reasons to celebrate when they hit the jackpot in this stellar game. While bettors may find the name Fucanglong amusing, they should take Fucanglong Slots seriously, as it is based on an ancient legend of a dragon that guards buried treasure. Both Fucanglong and Sweet 16 will be hitting online casinos in the near future along with Snowmania, giving gamblers even more play options this holiday and winter season.

Spinning in a Winter Wonderland

Snowmania will give players even more choices on what to do during the winter months; no need to head out for entertainment on a cold and snowy night. Bettors only need to play Snowmania and the other slots mentioned above to enjoy excellent entertainment on a frigid night. Spinning the reels at a favorite online casino can add joy and the possibility of extra cash for those upcoming holiday gifts. Playing Snowmania is a great way to enjoy the winter months without worrying about getting frostbite; gamblers may even find themselves spinning the reels until the snow begins to melt and the robins return in the spring.