Roaring Forties Slots

The wild symbol really helps you out in Roaring Forties slots. There are times this game feels more like a classic slot than a five-reel slot, but the prizes definitely take things up a notch.

The first decision you need to make is your bet. There are 40 pay lines that allow you to bet up to 100 credits per line. Coin values range from a penny to 50 cents. After deciding how much to wager, your second decision is to hit start or set up autoplay.

The Larger Your Wager the More You Win

If you bet a single credit on 40 lines, you can win 80 to 20,000 coins for the scatter star. This is the largest prize in the game. The fruit (cherry, lemon, plum, and orange) pay 8 to 100x. Grapes and watermelon are slightly better at 20 to 200x. The bells are worth 40 to 300x.

The 7 symbol comes with the second largest payouts of 4 to 1,000x. The 7 is also handy because just two of them lead to a prize. Take those base prizes and multiply them by the number of credits you bet. If you bet the full 100 credits per line, you can win up to 2,000,000 coins.

Reducing the number of active pay lines also changes how much you can win. Bet 100 credits and activate a single pay line and win up to 400 to 100,000x with the 7s and 200 to 50,000 with the scatter stars.

Pick a Color and Double Your Prize

With the gamble feature in Roaring Forties slots, you can double your prize as many as five times.. When you win a prize, click “gamble” instead of “collect.” This brings you to a new screen where you'll gamble your prize. Decide if the next card will be red or black. If you're right, you double your prize. You can collect or try to double the new amount. You can do this five times.

Give the reels of Roaring Forties slots a whirl. It's not a hard game to play. There aren't fancy bonus games and features, but the prize levels make it all worthwhile. Play today.