Thunderbird Slots

Thunderbird Slots is an exciting new slot game, which will be coming soon for online gamblers of all styles and tastes. It offers 10 coins per a line, has 50 paylines and five reels and a magical night atmosphere that will bring to mind Indians singing songs around the campfire in the darkness kind-of-feel. It’s rich violet colors and beautiful design will turn the player’s adventure into a real pleasure.

Thunderbird Symbols

The Thunderbird tribe has a great number of award-winning symbols to play with. Some of them are a drum, a fir cone, feathers, a woven hat, a face craving, a bear mask, a fish, a storm and a serpent. As you might have guessed, the wild symbol is the Thunderbird itself and there are also the ordinary card symbols which can form lots of winning combinations themselves. The scatter symbol is the fish one. Getting three of the fish ones into your nets will get you into the bonus round, which delivers free spins. While in free spins, you can count on the Super Spirit Fish symbol to get you in the very special Super Spirit Level. The special Thunderbird wild symbol awards a multiplier of two every time you get it throughout a free spin and of course it works as a normal wild in normal spins with its natural symbol replacing effect.

Thunderbird Tips

As we have already mentioned, you unleash the free spins through the scatter fish symbols and you need three of them in the very least and basically if you do gather the minimal required number, you will get 10 free spins. If you acquire four of the scatter symbols, you will get 20 spins and five of the scatters will grant 30 spins. If you want to participate in the so-called Super Spirit Round you will have to get your hands on the at least three of the Spirit Fish icons in order to receive five of those super spins. The super thing about them is the fact that you will be having in the first reel a continuous expanding wild, so you will be reaping big rewards after every one of those special spirit spins.

Join the Tribe

Being a member of the Thunderbird tribe will change your attitude about joining an Indian tribe in full. You wouldn’t believe just how much money you can make by going hunting with these guys and this wonderful slot game.