Jackpot 3x3 Slots

We’re guessing you probably think you have seen every conceivable slot game around, are we correct? Well, we think you might be pleasantly surprised when you take a look at Jackpot 3x3 by 1x2 Gaming. Boy, they do like their numbers, don’t they?!

This is far from being a regular slot, so much so you may not even view it as a slot at all. So let’s get a closer look to see what it involves.

How many reels and lines are involved?

There are nine paylines here, but you might want to think of them as panels or groups. The total absence of reels makes this very unusual indeed.

What can you wager on Jackpot 3x3?

You have six coin (or chip) values to choose from at the bottom of the screen. These are the coins you can wager on each line, so you have to multiply each one by nine to get the total bet amount. This will be anything from 25 cents a line for a $2.25 bet to $50 a line for a $450 total bet.

You can click on any panel to darken it and remove it from the total number of lines in play. Your best shot of winning, though, is always going to be with all nine in play.

Does this slot have any valuable symbols?

Not as such – every symbol has a value. The symbols themselves are squares, diamonds, and multi-sided symbols of various other kinds. Each one has a value, so you can easily see what it would be worth if you got three of them.

That value is essentially a multiplier that is used to calculate your prize. So if you get three identical 10 symbols, you’ll get 10x your bet on that line.

And that is the idea here – to get three identical symbols in one box or ‘line’. If you do, you will win the relevant prize. Each line has a small panel above it, and that is where you will see a message such as ‘win 2.00’ or whatever the total prize happens to be. It is possible to win on more than one line per spin, too. We won on three once.

Can you look for a bonus level in Jackpot 3x3?

No – this is it!

Download and enjoy playing Jackpot 3x3 slots now!

We loved this! You have to try it to see if you like it as much as we did.