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Gypsy Charm
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Think of a gypsy and you may imagine the classic gypsy caravan – a brightly-painted caravan the gypsy takes on the road from place to place. That’s the image you get in the Gypsy Charm slot as well, and it looks just the ticket!

With the reels in the game presented to you on the side of the caravan, it’s easy to see how the game is played and how appealing it is as well. Maybe this gypsy will bring you good fortune?

Reels and paylines format

Gypsy Charm has five reels in play and you can wager bets on a full complement of 25 lines.

What could you wager on Gypsy Charm slots?

The coin values here begin at just 0.05 per piece. You can also increase your bet to reach a maximum of a dollar on each line.

Does the online slot game have any special symbols?

You do get wild and scatter symbols in the game, but actually, they are not the most interesting feature about it. There are other special symbols that can trigger bonus features, as mentioned below.

Can you play a bonus feature in the Gypsy Charm slot?

Are you able to find the female prophet on the second reel and the crystal ball she uses on the fourth reel? This combination triggers a set of five free spins to be given to you. It is a small number of spins, but each one sees a completely wild reel moving around, to increase your chances of bagging several wins per spin.

If you get the fortune teller on the second reel and the tarot symbol on the fourth, you will get an instant prize based on a multiplier as shown in the game.

Download and play Gypsy Charm slots today!

Many games stick to standard free spins as their bonus feature. However, as we have seen here, there are other options as well. Not only does the Gypsy Charm slot offer a different free spins round, it also has an instant win round to shoot for.

In short, we think Gypsy Charm has real charm to enjoy, and the design makes it a very beautiful slot to look at. Oh, and since there is a jackpot that gradually gets bigger as you play (displayed at the top of the caravan) you also have a chance to win that. So, you do get the best of all worlds here!


Type5-reel, bonus, video
Coins per line1-5
Coin size$0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Max Bet$125
SymbolsCandle, Crystal Ball, Dancer, Fortune Teller, Gypsy, Prophetess, Ring, Rose, Tarot, Violin, Zodiac Wheel
Bonus roundFortune Teller Bonus Game
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