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He’s hip, he’s rich, and he’s here to offer you substantial amounts of cash. Cashosaurus slots takes everything you love about games like Mister Money slots and pairs them with a dinosaur theme. In addition to the generous payouts, there are four progressive jackpots up for grabs. To win them, all you need to do is keep playing. The computerized system picks lucky winners at random.

Cashosaurus Doubles Your Winnings

Cashosaurus slots offers many prize levels, but Cashosaurus has the power to double any of them. Cashosaurus is the game’s wild symbol. When he helps form a winning combination, your prize doubles automatically. This means a prize of 2,500 credits from the female dinosaur turns into a whopping 5,000 payout. The next highest prize of 1,000 credits doubles to 2,000 when Cashosaurus joins the money-snatching prehistoric rat.

Lower-tier symbols in Cashosaurus slots include poker symbols worth as little as 5 to 100 or as much as 5 to 150 credits. There are crystals and prehistoric plants worth as much as 300 credits or 600 if Cashosaurus doubles them. Cashosaurus is also the highest paying symbol in the video slot game. If you’re lucky enough to get five of him on an active pay line, you win 20,000 credits.

Cashosaurus Bonus Feature

The egg scatter offers a prize of up to 400 times your bet, but it also triggers free games. When you get three or more eggs on the screen, you win eight free spins. Each time the egg appears in a free spin, you gain an extra free spin. You also have a 2x multiplier for the first eight free spins, but it increases to 3x with any additional free spins. The eight Cashosaurus free spins cannot be retriggered.

Increase Your Prize With the Gamble Feature

Don’t like the amount you’ve won? That’s okay. Click “Gamble” and see if you can double your prize. There is a bit of risk to this, as the wrong choice requires you to forfeit your winnings, but I find most times I pick a winning card. It’s easy to play. Simply pick a card and hope it’s higher than the dealer’s card.

Get started winning with Cashosaurus slots today. As bets start at a penny per line, you don’t have to risk a lot. Definitely bet 10 coins per line, however, for the better payouts and potential to win the games maximum winning amount of 2.5 million credits.


Type5-reel, bonus, progressive, video
ThemePrehistoric Period
Coins per lineup to 10
Coin size$0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $10.00, $2.00, $20.00, $5.00
Max Bet$5000
SymbolsAce, Carnivorous Plant, Cashosaurus, Crystal, Egg, Jack, King, Lady Dinosaur, Nine, Queen, Rat, Ten
Free spins8 Free Spins
Bonus roundFree Games feature
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