Gypsy Moon Slots

Gypsy Moon does of course feature a gypsy, but what else is there to look for in this appealing online slot game?

We were really impressed with this gypsy-themed slot, especially as the graphics are very sharp and the symbols feature all kinds of things related to a fortune-telling gypsy. Whether you have seen one in real life or not, you have a chance to see whether your fortune will be good here.

What's the deal with reels and paylines?

The game features 30 lines over five reels, but there is also a Super Play feature that appears to crank things up to another level. If you choose this, you can try playing 243 ways instead. We've never seen a game quite like this before!

What are the bets like on Gypsy Moon?

The bets here are granted in terms of credits on each line, and since you can start with only one per line, it should appeal to most players.

Any particular symbols worth looking for?

The game does offer a wild and it can become stacked, which means it provides even more chances of a win happening. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to find the Astro sign symbol, which is a scatter. As with many games of this kind, the scatter also has the chance to trigger some free spins.

Does this online slot game have a bonus level?

We've mentioned the free games offered already, but here the option is rather different. Many games simply grant you a number of free games and that is it. However, Gypsy Moon plays things slightly differently. Here, you get a chance to choose how you want to play those games. The different scenarios available mean that you can play free games in a different way every time you are lucky enough to get some awarded to you.

Download and play Gypsy Moon slots today!

Gypsy Moon has a nice theme and the care that has gone into designing the screen and the symbols is very clear to see. While you may not win huge prizes on this game, you never know what might happen when you start playing. With that additional Super Play feature as well, you should consider the odds of winning if you decide to put that particular feature into action here.

The only thing left is to try this game out for real to see if the luck is with you!