Weekend In Vegas Slots

At first glance one of the characters of this slot reminded me of the dentist from the film “Hangover”, and after reading more about it this theme is indeed inspired in the characters from that film. Weekend in Vegas Slots is a 3D slot with some very sleek graphics, something Betsoft the game developer, handles very well. 5 reel slot with 243 pay-lines, two bonus games (free spins and a video bonus round) and some unique features were the player can decide when to stop the reel and to double his winnings. The maximum credits a player can win is 1,210,500.

In terms of gameplay Weekend in Vegas is a fun slot at first. Getting to know the characters and triggering the bonus round is places to player inside the story for a while. The soundtrack is no biggy, it gets tiring and it does not fit with the scenes. In terms of winning percentage user reviews are mixed, there is a good chance to make big money with the bonus rounds. No progressive jackpot on this one but not needed, there is a roulette feature at the end of the free spins.

Gameplay and Design

One thing that Betsoft does best than its competitors is a great story line with amazing graphics. This makes Betsoft slots fun to play if not the most rewarding in terms of payouts. Many of the symbols when triggered showcase a short 3D video, like the cop car or any of the 3 characters.

Aside from the ingenious story line that recreates some of the funny happenings from Hangover and three characters of its characters, the slot design in general is very provocative. Around the reel the three characters sit around and perform some curious actions. Getting the three together is key for the bonus round, but plenty of opportunities to make money from different combinations, especially when players can decide where to stop the reel. This aspects of the slot game gives a small skill advantage and it is welcomed since it makes the game more engaging.

After each play there is a double or nothing option, play the coin toss and if you win your winnings are doubled. All of these features makes Weekend in Vegas a very complete slot game.

Symbols and Characters

Balanced Ben: He leans against the red car outside of the reel. Balanced Ben likes to make good money doesn't know when to stop, that is why he owns a sport car and looks so confident. When playing Ben during the bonus game he tends to make win and lose, but might win big.

Cautious Chris: Chris looks about to freak out, he doesn't take losing money lightly and that is why when he bets he wins constantly but small.

Loony Harry: Harry is just out of his mind, he will bet and lose most of the time but win very big with his strange luck. Loony Harry sits at the top of the van eating pizza, he will be the troublemaker.

Stripper Pole: The stripper pole with the nice pair of legs is the highest paying symbol. This mystery lady will seduce our Chris, just like in the film. Her face shows in one of the paying line videos.

Las Vegas Sign: This is the Wild, with it you can replace any other symbol and increase the chances of getting a winning combination.

Police Car: The Scatter symbol, 3 of these will activate the free spins.

A, K, Q, J: The common symbols found on all slot machines. These are the lowest paying.

Other Features

  • Minimum coin size .02
  • Maximum coin size $1.00
  • 1 to 5 coins per spins
  • Autoplay
  • Bonus game
  • Free Spins
  • No progressive jackpot
  • Double Button
  • Stop reel button

Bonus Games

Bonus Game: To trigger the special 3D video bonus game the three main characters need to be side by side on the reel. When triggered, the three characters visit a Vegas casino for the chance to win big. You can select any of the three to play at the casino, knowing that Balanced Ben sometimes wins sometimes doesn't win, but when he does he wins big. Cautious Tim doesn't like to lose so he wins small bets. Looney Larry has a strange luck and does not win very often, but when he does he wins very big!

Bonus Spins: The bonus spins round is triggered with the scatters, which are the police car. Get three or more and enjoy 8 to 20 free spins. During this round our characters tend to appear more often increasing the payout. More free spins can be won during the bonus round, and when it ends players have the chance to spin the roulette for one final big win. The roulette requires no initial wager, just spin and take the money prize represented by the number it falls on. If it falls on an arrow then you get to play one more time on the internal wheel, reach the center and take home a huge money prize. All spin wins are doubled during this bonus feature.


  • Fun to play with several bonus rounds to make great money
  • The Roulette feature and double or nothing allow to win big


  • Could´ve had a better soundtrack
  • Wilds do not show up that often