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The Magic Shoppe Slots

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The Magic Shoppe Slots
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Betsoft Gaming recently introduced yet another new and exciting slot game to its fans. The name of that game is The Magic Shoppe Slots, and it has a somewhat creepy theme that introduces you to a world full of occult and magical items. Many of these items will be visible on the game's five reel and three row framework. You can form combinations with these reel attributes, and you will win cash rewards when those combinations take position on activated pay-lines. There are 25 of those pay-lines in this game, so you will have plenty of opportunities to make a fortunate hit.

Furthermore, the game also lets you win special prizes with the help of bonus features. And just as with the abundant number of pay-lines, you will also see a large number of these bonus features. All these game perks should give you a good reason to enter the creepy and mysterious shop that houses them. The Magic Shoppe Slots might be a bit eerie at times, but don't let that keep you from playing it, because it is certainly a 3D video slot that you do not want to miss out on.

Are You Ready to Enter a Magical Shop

The theme and the atmosphere of this online slot machine are a bit dark and mysterious. The story of the game revolves around a shady looking shop. But no matter how creepy and obscure it might look from the outside, it is also very mysterious, and that makes it hard to resist the urge to go inside and check what kind of strange items it is selling. The door of the shop creaks when you open it, and a curtain of spider webs needs to be brushed aside before you can catch a glimpse of what is on sale in the shop.

Welcome to the Magic Shoppe, where you can obtain rare and occult items that have found their way to the shop and to the slot reels. Are you interested in collecting them? Then you better draw your wallet and hit the spin button of this game. But be aware, because objects of the occult can have strange effects on you. Treat them wrong and they might take you to a darker place. Treat them right and they might bring you incredible fortunes.

A Beautifully Designed Slot Will Come to Life on Your Screen

With this incredible game, Betsoft Gaming has created a new meaning to the term 3D video slot. Its visual appeal is enchanting thanks to the way that reel attributes seem to pop out of their reel spots. It creates an effect like you might see during a 3D movie experience. Perhaps it is no surprise that Betsoft delivers you this visual treat, because the company is considered to be an industry leader when it comes to cinematic 3D video slot titles.

And besides their 3D forms, the available slot symbols are also beautifully designed, and their colors are very vivid. Captivating sounds and tunes further enhance the atmosphere, and animations take place when you make winning hits with them, or when you simply place them on the screen during a spin. The design that surrounds the reel framework should also be mentioned, because it shows you a detailed and atmospheric layout of game adjustment buttons and shop items.

This expertly designed game shows once more that slot titles from Betsoft are reliable entertainment options to play if you have a weak spot for beautiful designs and graphics. The game developer knows its profession, and it always goes out of its way to impress you with well-crafted and originally themed slot titles.

Not only the visuals are noteworthy, because games from this developer are often loaded with a lot of great bonus features as well. Take one look at The Magic Shoppe Slots paytable and you will notice that this game is no exception. Scroll through the paytable catalog and you will discover what kind of profit making opportunities this magical shop has on display at its shelves.

Purchase Spins and Collect Rare Occult Items

Once you've read the game's paytable catalog and see what it has in store for you, it becomes time to shop. Bring along your coins so that you can buy spins that let you collect profit making items with rewards that can far exceed the initial costs of your bet purchases. If you're lucky, then you will even get to collect some of the most valuable attributes in the store. Make the reels turn and hope that a combination of five skull shows up during on one of your maximum bet spins. You will then receive the game's highest non-feature icon reward, which is a line bet multiplier of 5000.

The handcuffs icon should also be mentioned as it is the second highest paying non-feature icon in the game with its top multiplier reward of 4000. Then come the two daggers with their 2500 times multiplier prize, followed by the silver coin that multiplies the line bet 2000 times. A top hat concludes the list of high paying icons with its 1000 times multiplier payout. Remember that the mentioned prizes can only be won if you spin these items in a row of five pieces, and in combination with a five coin per win-line bet.

Flip Low Paying Card Icons on the Reels

Besides the high paying icons, there are a couple of low value attributes as well. These attributes are standard card game symbols from which the A is the highest paying one with a top reward of 750 times the win-line bet. The other available symbols are the K with a top 500 win-line bet multiplier, the Q with one of 400, the J with one of 375, and the 10 with one of 250. As you can notice, these are still fairly decent cash rewards so you will be happy to see them appear on the reels in proper combinations.

Money Making Magic Happens When Special Features Hit the Reels

If you are a frequent spinning customer at this magic shop, then you might get a chance to see special feature items as well, and these attributes often prove to be a lot more valuable than there non-feature counterparts. Think of bonus rounds and jackpot prizes that will truly enchant you.

It especially pays of to focus on the magnificent wild attribute as it delivers a great jackpot. Craft a five piece wild combination with a five coin spin and you will find yourself releasing a 12.000 times wager per pay-line multiplier. Additionally, you can also use the wild as a symbol replacement icon, which means that it can take on the identity of other non-feature logos so that you will be able to complete combinations on the reels. However, the wild cannot take on the identity of a special feature symbol.

Besides the wild, you can also spin two icons on the reels that trigger the sun and moon free spins. Both of these free spins rewards are locked up in special boxes, which are the red sun box and the blue moon box. Make sure that you release their cash rewarding powers, because you will receive a guaranteed win for every free spin that takes place, and every spin can also trigger an extra feature such as for example another free spins reward that becomes active when you finish the first one. Additionally, you can also spin the magic wand feature while you are playing with complimentary spins, and it will work its powerful magic right away.

You will be lucky to see lots of free spins during your game sessions, because similar colored boxes only need to show up simultaneously at three random reel spots in order for their features to become active. You receive three sun or moon spins for three reel hits, but you will receive no less than 12 of them if you spin five similar boxes on the screen.

A third powerful bonus feature becomes active when you spin a minimum of three magic wand symbols on random reel spots. You will trigger the wilds when this event occurs. These wilds are being shaped out of moon box, sun box and magic wand icons. One look at the payouts for wild hits will make you realize that this can turn out to be a very profitable feature if luck is on your side.

Double up on Your Profits

This game gives you the opportunity to double up on your profits on a second screen. Whenever a standard win occurs, you are allowed to click on the 'double up' key. You will then be able to gamble extra with your obtained slot reel wins. Try to make extra money with all or half of your profits and you continue to do so until you are satisfied with the extra coins that you've won or if you're out of win credits.

At the second screen, you can click on 'gamble all' or on 'gamble 50%', and then you have to click on either 'heads' or tails'. The coin will then start to spin and show the outcome. If your guess turns out to be the right one, then your stake will be doubled. You can then go for another coin spin and try to double the credits once more, or you can click on 'collect' and go back to the main game. The double up option is not available if you just played with the magic wand or free spins features.

Make Your Spins Count With the Help of Game Adjustment Keys

The double up key is not the only button that will be of influence to your casino bankroll. While playing, you are also presented with the opportunities to customize your bets, spins and game options. All the available customization buttons are displayed on the bottom of the main game screen.

Starting from the far left, you will see a sound toggle key, and then an options key that lets you change some of the game play details such as for example the option to toggle turbo play on or off. 'Choose coin' is the next adjustment function on the command bar. Use the function's minus or plus button to determine a coin value that ranges from to $0.02 to $1.00. The 'bet per line' function comes next, and it also has a minus and a plus button so that you can determine if you want to place one to five bets per pay-line. If you don't mind the height of your stakes, then you can click on the button next to it, which is 'bet max'. This key automatically spins the reels with the highest number of bets per line. The 'spin' button lets you perform a normal spin, and the 'double up' button lights up after every win.

The last game adjustment button on the right side of the screen is labeled 'auto play'. Click on it and you will see a small options screen on which you can adjust the bet per pay-line, choose the coin value and determine the number of automated reel spins. Click on 'ok' if you have adjusted the settings and then sit back to watch the reels spin on their own. Click on the same button, which now says 'stop auto' if you want to stop the automatic spinning process. Lastly, on the far right sight of the command bar, you will see the '?'. This is the button that will take you to the second screen pay-table, which will show you all the most important game details and payouts.

Shop for Occult Profits

Do you believe in the occult and in magical powers, and do you feel confident that these powers can help you during your quest to become very rich? Then you better shop with your spins in The Magic Shoppe Slots, because this newly released game has the most profitable occult items, and you can find them on its reel shelves. Make sure that you spin those reels around and around so that you can find the best deals.

This online slot machine game has now opened shop at the darker corners of various casino websites that showcases Betsoft Gaming entertainment titles. Make the magic happen and lay claim to all those occult treasures in a game that is both creepy, exciting and also very profitable.


Type3D, 5-reel, bonus, video
Coins per line1-5
Coin size$0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Max Bet$125
SymbolsAce, Coin, Handcuffs, Jack, King, Magic Wand, Queen, Scull, Ten, Top Hat, Wild
Free spinsup to 12 Free Spins
Bonus roundDouble Up Game, Magic Wand Feature, Sun and Moon Free Spins
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