The Hive Slots

The bees in The Hive slots have special features, so you never know what's about to happen. Other bonus features include a free spins meter and bursting wilds. If you haven't tried this bee-themed slot game, you're missing out. Take a closer look at the video slot to see what you're missing.

  • Slot Game Developer: Betsoft
  • Slot Game Type: Honeycomb-format slot with free spins and expanding wilds
  • Slot Game Theme: Insects/bees
  • Paylines: 30
  • Betting Options: Fixed bet of 10 cents to $80
  • Slot Game RTP: 96.97%
The hexagonal format of this game forms a honeycomb with diagonal reels. The grid is set up to have 3 symbols in the first reel, 4 in the second, 5 in the third, 4 in the fourth, and 3 in the fifth. Play The Hive slots on your computer or in the mobile casino on Android and Apple phones and tablets.

The Bees of the Hive

After a spin ends, a bee may fly in and start moving around the hive. There are three types of bees and each one is capable of adding a special feature to your turn.

  • Queen Bee – Summons other bees to join her.
  • Drone Bee – Fills the Honey Meter to trigger free spins.
  • Worker Bee – Awards a multiplier for each worker bee around the hive if it's adjacent to the winning payline.
Bees remain around the hive for an unspecified amount of turns. They appear randomly and more than one can appear with your turn. They'll move clockwise around the hive until they decide to fly away.

The Sticky Sweet Free Spins Bonus Round

Each time a drone bee spawns around the hive, all drones currently around the hive pour a bucket of honey into the meter. If you fill the meter, you win five free spins. During the free spins, up to three Honey Burst wilds appear. They burst and spread sticky honey onto one adjacent comb and keep spreading until the free spins end.

Check Out The Hive Slots Paytable

Those are the bonus features, what about the rest of the bee-themed slot? In The Hive, you set your fixed wager. All symbols need three, four, or five matching symbols on a payline if you want some cash. How much will you win? If you've set the bet to $10, these are the prizes.

  • Jack and Queen - $1, $2, or $3
  • King and Ace - $1, $3, or $5
  • Flowers - $3, $5, or $8
  • Lady Bug - $15, $25, or $50
  • Queen Bee - $20, $50, or $100

With many bonus features happening at the same time, it's hard not to get excited for The Hive. Play it online or on your mobile device now.