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Gypsy Rose Slots
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Come closer to the screen so that the fortune teller can read what kind of blessings await you in the future. Your blessings seem to have something to do with big coin rewards. Could it be that you become very rich in the near future? There is only one way to find out, and that is if you try your luck on the slot reels of Gypsy Rose Slots.

This online slot title from developer Betsoft Gaming has a multitude of exciting features. For example, it has gypsy wild attributes and a special crystal ball icon that opens up four great bonus perks, including a tarot picking bonus round that takes place on a second game screen. Furthermore, it also offers free spins, re-spins, double up mini games, and a chance to win as much as 336000 casino credits.

Marvel at the Design of the Game

The game is filled with warm and colorful design elements. Also, as can be expected from Betsoft Gaming, its lively animations and outstanding 3D graphics are top notch. The animated gypsy girl is your host during the spinning sessions in this game. Her name is Rose, and you can find here on the bottom left side of the screen. There she sits with her crystal bowl, while a bunch of moths fly around a lamp that hangs above her.
Betsoft clearly thought of the details when it designed this game. The company also added a calm soundtrack that plays on the background. More animations can be seen when you make winning symbol combinations on the screen. They animated symbols will then pop out of the reels to enhance your winning experience. Rose will also make you feel special during wins, because she will cheer when you earn a prize.

Carefully Craft Your Bets With the Game Play Buttons

This slot machine has a setup of 5 slot reels, 3 rows and 30 win-lines. Furthermore, the slot lets you use all the common game adjustment buttons. Most of these buttons can be found on the bottom of the screen. Directly beneath Rose, you will see the 'choose coin' function. A minus and a plus let you pick the coin value. The minimum coin value is $0.02, and the maximum is $1.00. These values won't break the bank so you can safely play this game with a small stack of casino credits.

Next to the 'choose coin' option, you see the 'select lines' element. Use the minus or plus button to determine the number of active lines during your spins. You can activate 1 to 30 win-lines. Next to the 'select lines' element, you find the 'bet per line' option. With the help of a minus and plus button, you decide on the number of coins you like to bet during spins. The minimum number is one and the maximum number is five. If you activate 30 lines and play with 5 game credits per line, then your bet will be 150. With a bit of luck, you can make some good profits with such a wager.

The developers also included a 'max' bet button into the game, to make things more convenient when you're a high roller. Click on it if you like to play with the highest stakes. Game play convenience is also offered by the 'auto play' button on the bottom right side of the screen. Click on this button if you want to sit back and watch how the spinning process proceeds in the autopilot setting. The 'double up button' is placed next to the 'auto play' function. It takes you to the double up mini game, in which you can double prizes during a coin flip session.

Once you're satisfied with the betting settings, you can click on the spin button to activate the reels. Lastly, on the top right side of the screen, you find the 'view pays' button, which leads to the pay table, and next to it the 'game options' button. Use that last button if you want to turn the sounds, turbo play, disable expandicon, skip splash screen or the background music on or off. The options screen also lets you change the graphical quality to high, medium or low.

Claim General Payouts With Fortune Teller Logos

There are nine symbols in this game that hand out general payouts. They all match well with the fortune teller theme of the game in terms of their designs and the elements that they display. You can gain the most profits with the winged love potion bottle, which gives 300 credits if you land it five times on the reels. The gypsy fortune teller herself is also present on the reels. She hands out a top prize of 240 coins. The third highest prize on the pay table is being given away by the fortune teller's magic book. You can earn a maximum prize of 180 coins with this attribute. A crow is the symbol for the 4th highest prize. Land five crows on the slot reel rows and earn a 150 credit reward.

The 5 remaining slot attributes are just regular high card game symbols, but the game developer has taken the time to give them a nice design, so they blend in really well with the rest of the symbols and the fortune teller environment. The A and the K are what you should aim for as they provide the best payouts. Both of these symbols give a top reward of 90 coins. The Q, J and 10 give the lowest reward in the game. For each 5 times hit with these items, you receive a reward of 45 coins.

All of the mentioned symbol payouts, together with the special features and game details, can be looked up in the view pays screen. On the top right side of the general game screen, you will see the 'view pays' button that leads to the pay table overview and the other game details.
While playing, keep in mind that every win is multiplied by the pay-line wager, and that you will only receive the highest win that hits on every activated line. Also, winning symbol combinations need to be formed into left to right rows in order for them to produce a prize.

Play With an Abundance of Special Game Features

A couple of the mentioned attributes do not only provide payouts. They are magic symbols, and therefore, they are attached to special features. These special features first need to be triggered by the crystal ball icon. This crystal ball will only show up on slot reel number three.
Special things happen when the ball hits an activated win-line while it is accompanied by two identical, adjacently placed, magic symbols on slot reels two and four. A special feature will then be triggered. It can be one of four as there is one feature for every available magic symbol. These are the love potion free spins feature, the crow and wild re-spin, the magic book instant win and the tarot card bonus round.

Claim Extra Games With the Love Potion Free Spins

A combination of love potions and a crystal ball is the first special feature option you can try to land on the reels. This symbol combination will open up the free spins perk. Two love potion attributes need to land on slot reels two and four on opposite sides of the crystal ball and in an adjacent set up. When this happens, you receive the free spins, even if you're already playing with complimentary spins. When the free spins mode is active, you have a chance to spin the wild card magic in every combination. That is, if the wild card similarly drops on slot reels one and five at the same time.

Keep Spinning With the Crow Wild and Re-Spin Feature

The crow and wild re-spin is the second available special feature option. Two crow icons need to take position on reels two and four and in an adjacent line with the crystal ball. Then, the crow attributes will turn into wilds and a complimentary automatic re-spin is the reward. The new wild logos will be locked into their positions, and you get paid whenever a new win occurs.

Earn Direct Profits With the Magic Book Instant Win

As a third special feature option, you have access to the magic book instant win. Just like with the other special features, you need to place two magic book logos on slot reels two and four, and in an adjacent row with the crystal ball. When this happens, you receive an instant credit prize. With this bonus feature, you can earn a top prize that is as high as 20 times your total wager.

Pick Your Card in the Tarot Card Bonus Round

The tarot card bonus feature is the fourth special perk that this game has on offer. Two gypsy girl attributes need to land on slot reels two and four in an adjacent line up with the crystal ball. At that moment, the tarot card feature begins. In in order to score credits with this bonus, you need to click at seven cards to reveal characters with matching colors. You have to pick these 7 cards from a stack of 15. These cards can display five different figures, and these figures can have three different colors.

The bonus prize that your receive, depends on which cards will be revealed. The winning values of the cards will be combined with a multiplier that is based on your wager. The five figures on the cards are the wizard, the sorceress, the king, the queen and the joker. The available colors are red, blue and green. You get a five times multiplier for five red cards, a four times multiplier for five blue cards, and a six times multiplier for five green ones. This bonus round is a bit complex, but that makes it extra challenging, and fun. This extra element of game play depth is what distinguishes Betsoft from other online slot machine developers.

Wins Become Bigger in the Double up Mini Game

Besides all the special symbol features, this game also boasts a potentially profitable double up mini game. You can play this game when you spin a winning symbol combination that does not come with a secondary feature. It gives you the chance to double up the profits.
In the mini game, you are going to witness a coin toss, and it is up to you to predict if the coin will land on heads or tails. A successful prediction is rewarded with the doubling of your initial win. However, guess wrong and you lose the complete prize amount. Also, the mini game will then end, and you have to return to the general game.

Create Even More Wilds With the Wild Symbol

The game's wild symbol is a logo that conveniently has the word wild written on it. While spinning, you will see that the wild icon shows up on reels one and five. Those are the only spots on which it can land. When two wild icons land in alignment with each other on win-lines one, two or three, additional wilds will be tossed onto the slot machine reels, and one magical symbol (crow, gypsy, magic book, love potion) will turn into a wild.

Play Gypsy Rose Slots and Find out if You're Granted a Wealthy Future

Will you be granted a wealthy future? Rose, the fortune teller, might have an answer to that in Gypsy Rose Slots. Play this game today and see if you can turn fortune into your favor a little bit quicker. Big cash wins might await you, but one thing is sure, you are definitely going to have a lot of fun when you play this Betsoft slot title on online casino platforms. You can play it for free and have a couple of fun spinning rounds, or you can go right after the money when you start to play real money sessions. Your fortune lays hidden in the cards, and Gypsy Rose Slots knows how to deal the right ones.


Type3D, 5-reel, bonus, video
Coins per line1-5
Coin size$0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50
Max Bet$75
SymbolsAce, Crow, Crystal Ball, Gypsy, Jack, King, Love Potion, Magic Book, Nine, Queen, Ten
Bonus roundTarot Card Bonus round
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