88 Frenzy Fortune Slots

It's common to find numbers in the title of a slot game. However, the title 88 Frenzy Fortune almost seems like a mix of three things rolled into one. It offers few clues - seemingly - to what is about to happen.

Fortunately, we have compiled our 88 Frenzy Fortune slot review for you, giving you a promising look at what's involved with this slot game.

Developer details

This slot comes from Betsoft, which immediately bodes well, although this doesn't rank alongside many of their other more familiar slot games. There are quite a few differences to work through.

Make sure you check the demo before attempting to play the real game

This is always sage advice, but it works well here as there are some twists involved if you're curious to learn more about the game.

What's the theme all about?

You will see the number 8 here, which is associated with good fortune in China, so that offers a clue. Furthermore, there are some fish to spot on the reels. There isn't much else though, so we guess they've taken the lucky number theme and used it well here.

This has a more minimalist design compared with many other Betsoft slots

It still looks stunning, but given the more basic theme here, it's not something that jars with the overall approach and idea behind the game. It's good to see Betsoft doing something different, certainly.

How to play 88 Frenzy Fortune

If you hadn't already guessed, this game has just three reels. It does have three symbols on each of those though. It shouldn't take long to spot the fourth reel to the side of these however. Depending on the spin, you may only see a couple of symbols landing when the reels stop.

There are no wilds or scatter symbols in the game, and it doesn't include a progressive jackpot either.

Paylines are kept to just one

Yes, only one line here, but the paytable unusually - and perhaps quirkily - announces that it is fixed! We're not sure how it could be anything but, are you?

Place your bets

This is a single-line game with a minimum bet of six cents. You've got lots of other options as well, with the largest wager being $30 per spin.

Paytable info for 88 Frenzy Fortune

There are some differences between this game and most other three-reel slots you might have played in the past. It makes reading the paytable hugely important before you begin.

The bonus potential might surprise you in this game

This is where the fourth reel comes into play. You must get a winning combination on the main three reels for the fourth one to spring into action. If you see 18x BET appear on reel four, you'll get either 8x or 18x your bet. The next option is to spin 8x WIN into view. If this happens, you'll multiply your prize by 2x, 5x, or even 8x.

Finally, you might see a RESPIN logo. If this should land, you can sit back and watch all four reels spin again. You'll get a prize from this with a multiplier of 1x to 4x applied to the prize. You might also get another RESPIN logo, in which case the same thing happens again up to five times.

Free spins don't appear in this slot game

You may not be too surprised at this given the lack of a scatter. That fourth reel is where all the action is.

RTP details are promising for this one

Betsoft rarely puts a foot wrong in this department, and this time we have 96% to look forward to - which hits the desired level.

Our rating for 88 Frenzy Fortune slots

This one takes a little getting used to, especially if you're a fan of Betsoft's more involved and more sizable slots. However, once you get used to playing it, you'll see its many advantages. The game looks good and provides you with several key features courtesy of that extra reel. We think it deserves 7.5 points out of 10.

Make sure you choose your bet before you read the paytable

It shows the prize amount rather than the multiplier for that prize, so if you sort out your wager first, you'll always get the right amount to look at.

Demo game action to start with

Don't expect a standard three-reel slot - this one clearly has a lot more to offer. Check out the chances of finding some excellent features on the fourth reel and take the demo for a spin to start things off.

Play for real bets if you like 88 Frenzy Fortune

With a minimum bet of six cents a spin, this one should suit plenty of players. Once you've taken the practice game for a few spins, you'll have a better idea of whether to devote some of your slot game budget to the title.

What about a mobile version of the game?

You can play this slot on your Android or iOS device if you prefer, so there is no hassle in doing that.