7 Fortune Frenzy Slots

7 Fortune Frenzy looks like an unusual title. What does it tell us about this slot game? Can we expect a sensational experience or something a little more low key? We aim to provide the answers you're looking for as we explore the potential in the 7 Fortune Frenzy slot game.

Who created this slot game?

This is another one worth checking out from Betsoft.

Does it have the standard demo version too?

Yes, Betsoft always delivers on this score.

What's the theme?

There isn't much of a theme in this game really, although it does look as though it is set in outer space. It looks sensational.

A word or two about the design

This slot game is indeed set in space, and you might spot the occasional shooting star in the background. The classic symbols - including bar and sevens - look impressive, even though there's not too much detail involved.

Get ready to try the 7 Fortune Frenzy slot game

The game has three reels for the main area, but a fourth reel appears slightly set apart from these. You won't see any progressive jackpots in the game. There are no special icons on the main reel set, but there are a few other elements to note as you begin. We'll come to those in a second.

How many paylines should you expect?

The game is small and therefore has just one line to play.

Place your bets

This isn't a penny slot, with the smallest bet coming in at six cents for the single line. There are other variations as well, with $30 coming in as the largest single wager.

Don't miss your chance to read through the paytable

It's important to do this as you'll get the chance to see how everything works. There are some differences here compared to many other Betsoft slots you might have tried, so the idea of reading through the relatively short paytable is a sensible one.

Bonus Frenzy feature

Whenever you make a bet, all four reels will spin. Any prizes you find on the main set of reels may then be affected by what lands on the separate fourth reel.

If you see 18x BET appear in orange tones, you will receive one of two multipliers for your winning line - either 8x or 18x. You might alternatively see an 8x WIN logo in purple. This will bring a random multiplier worth 2x, 5x, or 8x to apply to whatever you won on the main reels.

The third possibility is a RESPIN logo. This is arguably the best one because you'll get a respin of all four reels. You will then snag a prize with a multiplier of between 1x and 4x applied to it. If you trigger a respin symbol once more, this continues. You can get up to five respins for one spin.

Free spins don't feature in this game

You do get those respins though, and they can help quite a lot, especially if you manage to get several in a row.

What's the RTP for 7 Fortune Frenzy?

You can expect a return to player percentage of 96%.

Our rating for 7 Fortune Frenzy

This is an unusual game and it certainly makes a difference to the usual games you might try from this developer. The fourth reel doesn't always spin a bonus icon into view, but it still adds a layer of play that elevates the game. Check out the slot and see what you make of it, but we think it should score 7/10.

Watch out for three fiery sevens

If you get these on the payline, you'll get the top paytable prize. If you can then land the maximum 18x multiplier on the fourth reel, you'd get an even bigger prize for your efforts.

Play for entertainment to get an idea of how it all works

It only takes a few spins to work out the idea behind 7 Fortune Frenzy. It won't be perfect for everyone, but you might end up enjoying the game if you prefer simple slots with a few twists.

What about some real play on the slot reels?

At six cents a go to start with, this slot game from Betsoft does manage to produce some promising possibilities.

You can play this one on a mobile device as well

Since you only have three reels plus one here, it looks good on smaller screens as well. Try it on Android or iOS to see what you think of it.