Ocean Life Slots

If you love the sea then you will love this game, Arrow’s Edge has introduced a lovely sea themed game for the enjoyment for players to fish for big wins, thus is classic three reel slots game that has dolphins, turtles, whales, octopuses, sea horses, sharks and other tropical fish. For players to gain the maximum benefit from this game there is a bonus game that takes you to different corners of the ocean as well as being linked to three progressive jackpots.

The Wild Symbol

The dolphin is the symbol to watch for substituting to get wins. If there is a single wild in a win combination then the wins re multiplied 2x of there are two wilds in a win combination then the wins are multiplied by 4x.

The Bonus Game

The shark is the symbol that triggers the bonus game when it lands on the center reel. Players are given a choice of 12 different tropical fish to choose from. And when you have chosen one it will swim towards of four areas: The sunken treasure ship, the submarine, the coral reef or the school of fish. When three of the fish have collected at one of the areas the layer will be awarded the bonus prize for that area.

The Progressive Jackpots

Many players underestimate a single payling on the three reels classic slots, don’t be mistaken, this classic slots offers a lot of potential for good wins, The three progressive jackpots are won at random so don’t think you are not eligible, you have an equal chance of winning as everyone else.

You Can Double Up

After a winning spin you can double your winnings, chick which side of the coin will win Shark or Whale, if correct it doubles your money. You can repeat up to $25,000.

Mobile Play

Ocean Life is compatible and available for mobi8le play on the vast majority of smart-phones and tablets, this means you can take your came anywhere you want.