Slots Angels Slots

Ah finally, some good ol' fashioned heavy metal in a slot game. No, not the dual lead guitar- bite a head off of a bat kind of heavy metal, nor is it the kind of heavy metal you blast while your wife isn't around. No, this slot is based on the heavy metal motorcycles that the Slot Angels tear the streets up with! Of course, the namesake of the game is inspired by one of the most notorious motorcycle gangs in the world: The Hell's Angels. Betsoft has taken a modern American legacy of rebellion and created an amazing 3D slot game. An exciting and original theme for a slot game, Slots Angels is an all around amazing game with perfect graphics and video to supply the best possible combination of features and artwork to the players.

Designed around a familiar 5 reel 30 pay line format, Slots Angel offers a complete package with low bet rates and a generous jackpot.

Bets range from .02 to .50 coins, or $.02 up to $75. The max coin jackpot is 7500 coins At max bet the maximum jackpot in cash can be up to $3750 Unlike many 3D slot games, Slots Angels offers a progressive jackpot that grows and grows with each spin and wager.

Special Features

A special combination of scatter symbols (bottles of booze) unlock the Party Free Spins mode leading you to a round of free spins and some amazing animations of the whole gang! Following each win is a rarity in the slots genre: re-spin mode. Each subsequent win may gain multipliers and increase the progressive jackpot. Spin three dart symbols and find yourself in the Click Me Bonus. A prize is the Biker Race Bonus Round. Spinning three of more lead bike symbols lead directly to a special mini-game and loads bonuses.

Heavy Metal Thunder

Hear that sound? The thunderous roar or the motorcycles tearing down the streets in perfectly unison. The Slots Angels are the coolest motorcycle gang in the world, and being based upon a historic and criminal gang that during its prime had unparalleled influence on American counter culture, have created a unique slot game with an acute satire to make even the hardest people smile. Betsoft has once again created a powerful slot game with great graphics, plenty of features, and overall a genuine amazing game.