Safari Sam Slots

Have a real adventure with Safari Sam Slots! Get ready US players for a Betsoft Slots3 journey that’s going to take you to Africa and on a safari that you’ll never forget. This is one way to finally see all the animals in the unexplored wilderness and you’ll even have your trusty guide to make sure you find the treasures you’ve been waiting for. This 3D animated video slots game is beautifully designed with the gaming interface located right in the African savannah with all the wild animals making sure you have the time of your life.
  • Now it’s time to load up the Land Rover Jeep and get all your supplies ready, you’ll need it when you want fill it up with all the winnings you’re going to have. The game interface is set right in a huge tree with a lily pond in the foreground.
  • On the top of the game on the far left is the sound button in the middle is the Safari Sam logo and on the right is the view pays button. Along the left and ride hand side of the game are the paylines indicated on the green leaves.
  • On the bottom of the game are the balance amount, credits, win, bet amount and then the information scroll. On the right hand side of the game is Safari Sam himself and there is a native African girl who keeps teasing him and hiding behind the tree.
  • Safari Sam keeps looking for her and says, “Where’d she go?” Then on the very bottom on the lily pads in the pond are the choose coin selection, select lines option, bet per line, spin and double up and the maximum bet spin button.
  • The sounds and music really contribute to the over all theme and give the game a nice tempo to it with all special effects. Each of the symbols is animated and really gives the game lots of life to it.
  • The symbols in the game include: Safari Sam when he’s taking a nap, Safari Sam, African Native Girl, Lion, Gorilla, Zebra, Monkey, Tent, Land Rover Jeep, 10X Wild and a Tree with a Sunset.
  • There’s a nice selection of coin sizes to choose from starting at: 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, and 1.00. The minimum wager is one coin and the maximum wager amount is 150.

Safari Sam Slots is a journey with tons of features

If there is one thing that slots players like is a 3D animated slots game with lots of features and Safari Sam delivers that in true African style. This safari guide will show you how to get all those winning combinations to add up and you collect up all the rewards. Start your journey off with the Stacked Collapsing wins when you get 3 of the same type of symbol on all the 3 positions on a reel. Then the symbols will collapse on the reels and award a three-symbol combo payout. The good thing about this bonus round is that when the new symbol drop into place, you just might get even more winning combinations.

  • The Random Wilds bonus is another good one where every time you spin the reels there is a good chance that one or more wild symbols will appear on the reels and they can grant you a 10x multiplier that can really add up.
  • Then there is the Wild Animal free spins bonus round. Here is where if you get a Zebra, Gorilla and Monkey on the reels, in any combination and that will trigger the Wild Animal bonus round and you get to collect up all the free spins.
  • If you select one of the three animals to turn their symbol wild you can get a 2x multiplier during this bonus round. You will really like the Scatter Pay bonus round where if you get three or more Tree symbols on the reels you can trigger a payout of 1500 coins.
  • Make sure you try the Double up feature where after any winning combination you can select the feature and it will take you to a second screen bonus round.
  • There will be Safari Sam sitting by the campfire with a lucky coin in his hand. All you have to do is pick whether or not it will be a heads or tails when he flips it in the air.
  • If you win then you can keep going and then you winnings will be doubled. You can quit at anytime and collect up all your winnings. Then there is the Safari Bonus round that is triggered when you get 3 or more Safari Sam symbols on the reels.
  • You will be taken to a second screen bonus round once again and you get to choose on the map where Safari Sam will be looking for those animals until the collect symbol appears.