Lotus Player’s Club Tournaments

Lotus Players Club has some fantastic tournament offers that any casino lover will be happy to participate in. Plus, any tournament sponsored by Lotus Players Club is sure to be a success. They really know how to spice it up and make it interesting. The fun starts on the Free Weekend where players have the chance to get involved in a Blackjack tourney at no charge. This tournament lasts 24 hours. Look for the Manic Monday and the Whacky Wednesday offers too.

Free Weekend is a 24 hour blackjack and slots tournament. They start each Saturday at six and last until six the next day, then they start again at the same time on Sunday until Monday. First place = $100 Bonus Money, Second place = $60 Bonus Money, Third place = $50 Bonus Money, Fourth place = $40 Bonus Money, Fifth place = $30 Bonus Money, Sixth place = $20 Bonus Money. Entry to the tournament is FREE. No Deposit required to win.