Spin Pug Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

If you want a casino with a very strange mascot, a wonderful color scheme, and promotions that will never cease to amaze you, you have found them all together. We can’t think of any promotions they have not thought of, and they continue to surprise us all throughout the year. Any time of day, at any time of year, there is probably a promotion dedicated to it. If you would like to enjoy that, and the free money, feel free to take a spin!

One of their biggest promotions is the spin and chill bonus. Anytime you drop by to play your slots, they multiply your deposit five times. This comes with a $20 minimum, which would make you play with $100 after putting the money down. On your first deposit, this works into a 500% bonus. This means that if you deposit $20, you will get $120 to play with! They also have this applying to your first five deposits. Your VIP bonus also gives you exclusive rewards of an unbelievable $1000, and allows you to bet across the site. You can also take part in weekly tournaments, and every subsequent deposit gets a lesser bonus of 300%, and 200%, all the way down to 100% for your fourth one. This is a lot of free money, which we can’t stress enough!

Some of our favorite games are bigger bass Bonanza, crabbing crazy, and big bamboo. All of the games on this site feature larger than life cartoon graphics, wonderful color schemes, and innovative game play mechanics. People went all throughout the day, which you can see on the leaderboard at the bottom. Our favorite is probably big bamboo. The colors look adorable, the panda looks really cute eating the bamboo, and we really enjoy the jade monkey. We have never seen a Jade monkey before, it looks really nice! And, that. Like like to as and I can, bad to all the that. If you are looking for colorful cartoon titles, like promotions, and have some free time, you may as well spend it here! You won’t regret it. Check out the leaderboard to see just how much money everybody wins every single moment of the day. We haven’t seen a single time where they didn’t have someone new on the list, and if you play, it could be you!