Cheeky Casino


Even though Cheeky Riches is a relatively new online casino, it has all the features and elements of a well-established gaming site.

Before a new online casino can be established, it has to have the necessary infrastructure to ensure that it can operate smoothly. One of the most important factors that the company has in place is its relationships with its various game suppliers.

In order to evaluate the quality of the games offered by the company, we will look closely at the various aspects of its operations. These include the number of games that it has available, the reception of its players, and the company's support.

Game Selection

The number of games that an online casino has available is very important to its players. They are quick to judge a site based on the quality of its games and the support it provides. By working with the best game suppliers, the company has been able to demonstrate that its players are capable of finding what they are looking for.

Besides the usual games, such as slots, it is also important that the administrators have a wide variety of games to choose from.

Table Games & Live Casino

A web-based casino is not considered to be a proper gaming site if it does not have a sufficient number of table games. With that in mind, players who are looking for a respite from the regular games can easily find what they are looking for at the Cheeky Riches casino.

With a wide variety of games to choose from, players can easily find what they are looking for at the Cheeky Riches casino. Whether you are looking for a quick paced action of blackjack or a more traditional take on the wheel, you will be able to meet all of your gaming needs at the site.

The players prefer to play in an online casino that has live casino games over one that doesn't. This is because the latter offers a wider variety of games and is more likely to provide a superior gaming experience. It also allows players to make their decisions without having to step outside the house.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome package that the company provides to new players is more than just a little bit big-hearted. It includes a cash reward of £/500 and 200 free spins on the popular slot machine, Starburst. Although it is known for its generous offers, the company is also split on multiple deposits.

The promotions page of the company should always be updated, as it features various promotions that are designed to provide additional perks and rewards for its players. These include free spins, win supports, and extra boosters.

Make sure that the terms and conditions of the promotion are clearly communicated to the players. Any ruptures that occur during the promotion will result in the reward being lost.

Customer Service

The staff members at the company are very dedicated to making sure that the players have a great gaming experience. They can be reached through various methods.

One of the most effective ways to resolve issues is through a live chat function, which is designed to help players resolve them gradually. This feature can be used to resolve various issues, such as technical issues.


The company's staff members are also very dedicated to making sure that the exchange process is conducted consistently and with minimal effort.

It's very frustrating for players to have issues with their withdrawals and deposits. They usually feel that they can get away with it as the days that they have to make deposits are usually fast.