Café Casino offering $100 in Free Play for Bitcoin Users

Bitcoin users may want to take advantage of the newest bonus offer from Cafe Casino; the establishment is offering a $100 chip to players who make a qualifying deposit in the easy-to-use digital currency. Players have until the end of July this year to make their first successful bitcoin deposit at the casino and will receive the bonus chip within 24 hours of that deposit. This generous offer is Café Casino's way of giving bitcoin users a reason to play at the casino, and it also provides any current or potential players with a great reason to try this new, widely used currency. Those who use bitcoin at the casino will also find that it also offers other advantages in addition to this excellent promotional opportunity.

Bitcoin Enhances the Privacy of Online Transactions

Many bitcoin users enjoy the ability to use the currency as a means of limiting the amount of personal information needed for online transactions, and Café Casino is determined to make the privacy and the protection of a member's personal information a priority in the fight against identity theft and other forms of fraud. Bitcoin use at Café Casino offers an added layer of protection for players who feel that they need to keep their gaming habits as private as possible. The use of bitcoin may also reduce or remove the need for players to use traditional banking methods and the costs and fees that financial institutions may charge.

Café Casino Makes Depositing Funds Quick and Easy for Bitcoin Users

Bettors who choose bitcoin as their currency of choice when depositing at Café Casino will find that using the online currency offers other advantages. Since using bitcoin removes the need for traditional banking and credit card use, it can reduce the time needed for deposit transactions to complete. Deposits are also processed only at the casino and allow players to use funds immediately after making a deposit with bitcoin. The removal of traditional transaction fees that occur with some financial institutions can help extend a player's bankroll and gives gamblers more play time for the same amount of money.

Receiving $100 in Free Play at Café Casino

The promotion is open to all current and newly registered players at Café Casino who have not yet made a deposit using bitcoin, and those who make a qualifying bitcoin deposit will receive a $100 free chip within 24 hours. There are playthrough requirements and withdrawal limits in regard to the free chip; please visit Café Casino for more details. Only post-deposit play will count toward bonus requirements, and players may have to provide documentation of identity and that account information is correct before withdrawing funds.

Fast, Fun and Free Play at Café Casino for Bitcoin Users

This promotion is a great opportunity for bitcoin users to try their hand at casino play if they have not done so before and a good reason for online gamblers to determine if switching to bitcoin for their gaming transactions is something that they want to consider. Gamblers who make bitcoin deposits may also opt to return to more traditional banking options if they so choose. Café Casino makes customer service a top priority for all bettors, no matter what deposit method they use; however, those who pay with bitcoin may find that Café Casino is a great opportunity secure, private online casino play.