Although Neosurf is not available in the United States, we want to provide out global players with as much information about payment methods as we can. To this end we introduce Neosurf, a voucher system is currently being utilized worldwide.

How Does One Use Neosurf?

Find the most convenient local retailer. Neosurf cash vouchers are available from thousands of convenient locations around the world. To find your nearest location just go to the easy to use location finder, choose your country, enter your address and search using the location finder

When you find a Neosurf retailer, simply ask for a Neosurf cash voucher in one of the convenient values. You don’t need to register or provide ID. Ask for Neosurf, pay with cash, and you’ll receive a receipt with your 10-character Neosurf voucher code. Please keep your receipt and voucher code safe as it’s now ready to pay online.

Finally, you can go to your favorite online casino that accepts this form of payment. When you pay online just enter the 10 character Neosurf code from your receipt. It is NOT linked to any personal information or your bank account. The remaining balance after your purchase is always transferable to another Neosurf voucher up to a maximum of 250€ or equivalent.

At What Online Casinos Can I Use Neosurf?

You can pay online safely with Neosurf cash vouchers at popular gaming and entertainment websites. Or simply use your Neosurf cash voucher to top-up your balance on e-wallets and prepaid cards. Choose from a vast selection of well-known online brands that accept payment online using Neosurf cash vouchers.