Funky Chicken Slots

They have got to just be running out of ideas at this point. I refuse to accept that anyone in their right mind looked at this concept and told themselves that it made any kind of sense whatsoever, but hey, if there’s anywhere it could work--online slots is it.

Funky Chicken gives users exactly what the name implies; a bunch of chickens and assorted birds dressed up in 70’s style fashion, getting all kinds of fresh and funky out there on the dance floor. The club is jam packed with a colorful cast of characters who all want you to get in on a piece of their action, including; moonwalking wolves, leather jacket-wearing roosters, and mohawked turkeys. The Funky Chicken comes with 20 paylines, 5-reels and bonus rounds.

Not So Inventive After All

Despite the absolutely ridiculous premise, the game itself is actually pretty standard, hitting all the appropriate marks that we’ve come to expect in the genre. However right out of the gate you shouldn’t confuse it with the other Funky Chicken, which is a game made by Wager Gaming Software and is more of a farmer/agriculture based theme overall.

Bonus Round

Once you get to the bonus round, it’s the fox’s turn to “Pick Up Chicks”, and the quest for a free game begins at the bar. You have your choice of 6 different girls to take home, and the one you land on has the chance to either give you a bonus score which will payout directly to your credits, or force you to “Collect” and take what you’ve got home.

Hit the special briefcase three times, and the scatter symbol will appear, triggering a variable number of Free Spins depending on the bonus you uncover underneath the tiles.

The Funky Chicken comes with 20 paylines, each of which can take a max of $1.00 per line. This game definitely wins a few points in the “unique” category, and although I’ve seen a lot of interesting concepts during my many hours spent in online casinos and at the helm of hundreds of different slots, I can’t say I’ve ever come across anything out there that’s really quite like this. It owns this individuality though, which is something I can find a way to respect. It knows just how ridiculous it is, and decides to own that fact instead of hide from it.

If more games could just come upfront and be obvious about the idea that there aren’t many ideas left, maybe the gaming choices could really open up into a whole new world of pure imagination and style.

Meet the Whole Family on the Reels of Funky Chicks

There’s no doubt that Funky Chicken slots serves up bags of cool farmyard slots fun and you've now got another great option as Funky Chicks slots, the sequel to Funky Chicken, allows you to meet the whole Funky family! Funky Chicks slots, just like the original, may be enjoyed on your home PC or your mobile device and this superbly designed WGS slot packs in the animal slots fun in abundance. On the 5 reels you'll get to meet Tommy, Mother Hen and Funky Jr and between them they'll provide bags of ways to win. With a superb freespins bonus round, multiplied wild wins and plenty more, your aim is to dodge the crafty fox, make sure the grumpy farmer doesn’t get to mad and cluck your way to huge Funky Chicks slots wins, and it all looks so good on any device you wish to play on.