Things You Need to Know About Using Cubits at Online and Mobile Casinos

Casinos that accept Cubits are the place to go when you want fast, safe, stress-free banking transactions. Because Cubits is a Bitcoin wallet, you're using the very safe, very easy-to-use Bitcoin cryptocurrency system. There are things to know about Cubits before you play at an online or mobile casino.

Cubits Limits Members to Certain Countries

While the list is subject to change, Cubits doesn't allow people from certain countries. For example, if you live in North America, you have to be in Canada because people from the U.S. are not allowed. Casino players from Australia are also barred from using Cubits wallet. That's just a few of the countries, so read over the terms and conditions before you sign up to make sure you're authorized.

It's Simple to Use

To set up your Cubits account, you enter your name, email, and create a secure password. Every 90 days, you'll have to change your password. This ensures you never forget to change it for safety's sake.

Once you've created your Cubits wallet, buy Bitcoin. You can use a bank transfer or alternative methods like Skrill or Sofort. You'll find your available options when you go to buy funds. They're added to your wallet as soon as the transaction is approved. You'll have the money in minutes.

When you have your funds in your wallet, head to a Cubits-friendly casino. Sign up if you're not already a member. Head to the cashier and use Cubits as the deposit method. The funds are deposited with the casino in minutes. You won't wait hours or days.

When it comes time to withdraw your winnings from your casino account, send the funds to your Cubits wallet. Again, you'll have the money much faster than with any other withdrawal method.

Cheaper Fees Make It Cost Effective

Fees with Cubits are minimal. Your deposits and withdrawals won't have high fees attached. Credit card transactions can be costly, so Cubits is the smarter way to handle your banking transactions.

Cubits is Secure

Bitcoin is a safer way to deposit and send funds because multiple steps verify the transaction is real and not fraudulent. You also never share your personal information when sending or receiving Bitcoin.

Cubits adds extra layers to this protection. First, Bitcoin is an online virtual currency. It exists out there in the internet, even if technology keeps it from ever being hacked. Cubits increases security by storing your funds offline. This is called “cold storage.” The servers where information is stored are in a restricted facility that only a few people can access. Plus, everything is encrypted when stored, so even if someone gained access to the hardware, it wouldn't do them any good.

We've all heard of stores and websites getting hacked. Don't you want reassurance that even if someone gets by firewalls and other protective measures, that that are measures in place to keep them from ever getting hold of your funds? That's what you get when you play at casinos accepting Cubits. Play today.

Casinos Using Cubits