Bitcoin Poker Tournaments

At Americas Cardroom, they want everyone to feel welcome. That's why they take Bitcoin. It's a safe, secure way for people from almost any country to play poker online. When you're done honing your skills, join a tournament to win cash or entry into a live poker tournament like the Punta Cana Poker Classic in the Dominican Republic. Here are four things you need to know about Bitcoin poker tournaments.

Anyone Can Play With Bitcoin Deposits

Bitcoin is widely accepted by most countries. It's a virtual currency that uses some of the highest encryption to keep it secure. In addition to the security you gain, your casino deposits using Bitcoin don't get charged processing fees. You'll be able to deposit without a fee and instantly access your deposit.

Here's How a Tournament Works

With most Bitcoin poker tournaments, you sign up before the tournament begins. When the starting time hits, start playing poker. While it's not common, sometimes casinos have to delay the start of a tournament. As long as you're logged in and ready to play when the tournament begins, you shouldn't have issues missing the start of a game. Some tournaments skip this requirement. No matter when you want to play, there will be a tournament for you.

Some games have no-limits on raises, while others do have a fixed number. Fixed-limit games usually limit you to three raises. Make sure you know which tournament you're in. You don't want to hope for one more raise and discover you've used up your limit.

A poker tournament ends when someone has accumulated all the chips. When that happens, the last man standing wins the prize. A prize may be cash or an entry into a bigger tournament. In the event of a tie, the cash prize goes to the person who had the most chips at the start of the game.

Several Types of Tournaments Exist

When it comes to Bitcoin poker tournaments, there are several types. In fact, there can be too many to cover in detail. Here's a quick breakdown of what you'll find.

  • All-In-or-Fold - Before you look at your cards, you decide if you're all-in or if you fold. You don't get to look until you make your choice.
  • Final Table Experience - Final table experience tournaments allow players to experience what it's like to make it to the final table. Only a limited number of spaces are available and blinds are larger.
  • Flip - You are automatically all-in on each hand.
  • Knock Out - This tournament gives you a cash bonus for knocking a player out of the tournament.
  • Multi-Table - Multiple tables are open at the start of the tournament. As players get knocked out, the number of tables decreases until the remaining players are competing at one table.
  • On-Demand - On-demand tournaments are always available and don't have a specific starting time. They're a great tournament for people who want to jump in and go and not have to follow a schedule.
  • Rebuy/Re-Entry - If you get knocked out of the tournament in a set period of time, you can rebuy and join a tournament. Usually, the rebuy period is 60 minutes from the start of the tournament. Re-entry tournaments are similar only you have to enter as a new player and start from scratch.
  • Sit and Go - These are tournaments where the buy-in is minimal. You usually only have to spend a few dollars max in order to join the tournament. The winner gets a cash prize at the end.
  • Sit and Go Satellite - Instead of the cash prize offered in a Sit and Go tournament, these tournaments end with the winner getting free entry into a multi-table game.
  • Time-Based - Tournaments have a time limit. The person with the most chips when time runs out is the winner.

There's just one more thing you need to do. Head to Americas Cardroom and sign up. The casino has dozens of Bitcoin poker tournaments throughout the week. New players receive a welcome package that matches your first deposit and gives you $250 to use in the New Depositor Freeroll Tournament. Sign up today.