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At bestpayingslots.com, we provide a comprehensive list of the best US and European friendly online casinos, and the best paying slots including those with the highest payout percentages. We feel that your online playing experience should be of the highest caliber and offer the most winning advantages as well. We also give you insight into the software providers, some of whom have been around for many years and some new companies who have taken the online slot world by storm.

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My name is David McCallum, I'm in the online gambling industry since early nineties. I used to work for several online casinos as a writer and reporter. In 2010, I've decided to open my own site bestpayingslots.com to be independent from any influence and bring you the most unbiased information and neutral advice about stuff I like and stuff I like less. Please note that this is my opinion and it's up to you to decide to follow it or not. Needless to say, I'm not in the position of giving legal advice to entire world, so you and only you are responsible for all the rules and laws applicable in your state and/or country.

If you have any questions or proposals, email me to david at bestpayingslots.com, I'm more than happy to listen. We are here to listen and improve our site to serve you better than others.

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Because we value our online players and are committed to ensuring that your slot play is fun, lucrative, and exciting; we seek out the best slot games, the best online casinos, and the best overall package deals. We review every slot game featured at bestpayingslots.com and the casinos that feature them, so that you are given the full picture of what you can expect when you join. You deserve nothing less.

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We also provide you with welcome bonus and promotional information, which are part and parcel of what makes a great online casino. The slot games we highlight range from 3-reel slots to progressive slots as well as their individual software categories so that you can access them by type, software, and casino. We will continue to guide you to the latest and greatest best paying slots online, and we invite you to peruse our site and join in on the fun of experiencing fabulous online slot play.