Genie's Fortune Slots

Who doesn't like a good Genie, especially one that grants you THREE WISHES? But what will you choose... an endless amount of Wealth and Fortune? Fame beyond your wildest dreams? Or is it true, undying and passionate Love you seek? Don't fret; the good Genie will grant them all once you find him!

One of my favorite 3D slots is Three Wishes Slots (now Genie's Fortune), based on the fairy tale Aladdin. This slot games brings this favorite story to life in a stunning array of animations, sounds, and graphics. It also has something that most other slot games do not, i.e., three symbols that when appearing across the reels pay out 20,000; 10,000; and 5,000 coins respectively. These three symbols are the dancing girl; the gold bullion; and the crossed swords. There are also four bonus features, which simply add to the lucrative value of this fabulous slot game. Offering all slot players a chance to play for minimum amounts, you can begin with the lowest denomination and easily work your way up to the max bet. This is due to the fact that every other spin is a payout spin. I found myself playing Genie's Fortune Slots for quite some time, perhaps because it simply fascinated me and yes, I was winning a lot. More importantly, however, was the realism of the slot. The blue snake coming out of the basket, and the hilarious monkey eating the fruit are just some examples. But the piece de resistance for me was the magic carpet symbol. When it appeared on the first center reel and began to move to each reel from left to right, prize amounts began to appear that simple blew me away. In one bonus feature, the magic carpet revealed 4200 coins. And that was on a two cent bet per line. Imagine if I had bet the max? When it comes to 3D slots, the value is always there which is why they are considered the best paying slots online. Moreover, they entertain like no other slot game and provide a myriad amount of bonus features that are unique to its theme. I happily invite you to play Genie's Fortune at our featured casino. Make your three wishes and they might just come true!